These Small Tales Of Kindness From Different Parts Of Pakistan Will Inspire Your Soul!

These Small Tales Of Kindness From Different Parts Of Pakistan Will Inspire Your Soul!

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Random acts of kindness by strangers move you and bring a smile to your face. These incidents restore your faith in humanity. There are many good people around us, people who are honest and sincere, people with principles and integrity. Yes, there are many social evils prevalent in our society and it is plagued with many social taboos, but on the other hand, there are lots of positive and inspiring stories too about the good that people do each day. Let me tell you some of my stories.

Honourable Clerk That Helped Me


I wondered how to approach this subject with abbu, of asking him to take me to some police station to get a FIR registered. It is not as serious as it sounds, but I had lost my university’s ID card, and our university being an army institute, required us to get a FIR registered upon losing it. Here is what happened.

I happened to go back to university three weeks after I had lost my wallet there which contained some cash and the university ID card. I had very little hope of finding it, considering the fact that so much much time had passed since I had lost it.

I went to the department where I had possibly dropped it, and Tadaaa! An elderly clerk uncle there had found it and kept it safe with him. When I checked, the wallet contained everything just as I had left it the day I lost it. It made my day. I felt deeply gratified and thanked him profusely for saving me a lot of trouble. For his kindness, I got him cupcakes from the café which he was unwilling to take but agreed upon my insistence.

And it certainly hasn’t been the first time something like this has happened. There have been numerous instances of people going out of their way to help others. And I consider myself lucky to have found these people so often. 

A Helping Hand From A Fellow University Mate

Source: BBC

When I was a freshman in my university and was still new to the idea of submitting our semester dues myself in the university bank, I once accidentally left a handsome amount of money wrapped inside the fee slip that had my details, in the garden outside our department. Later that day, when I got repeated calls on my cell phone from an unknown number, I finally picked it up, it was a girl from our degree telling me that she had found my money and I could get it from her tomorrow.

The Taxi Wala That Came Through


The other day, my sister, pretty much exhausted and sleepy after a night duty on her way back from the hospital left her mobile in a taxi. She realised it ten minutes after the taxi-wala had left. In a panic, she and I decided to go check our colony’s main gate since they keep data of everyone who enters or leaves. Just as we went outside our gate, there we saw him. It was the taxi wala coming over to us with the mobile. What a happy feeling that was.

Yet Much Of This Positivity Is Often Ignored, Getting Buried Under Negativity

Gandhi put it beautifully in these words:

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. “

Do not judge humanity on the basis of a few people. There are good people out there too. Humanity is a wonderful thing. People are amazing, beautiful creatures. Goodness is in their nature. They are more good than evil. What we need are ways to bring out the best in people through our kindness. 


Call me naive but I have so much faith in humanity, and I do believe the world to be a beautiful place. You should too. 

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