These Are The 8 Things Poor Souls With Strict Parents Can ALWAYS Relate With!

Most of the people that grew in Pakistan will be able to relate to what I went through growing up in a house with strict parents. Again, telling you guys that this is in no way a generalization about most families. If you had parents like mine, relate, laugh and share.

1. Making Last Minute Plans? You Wish

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If your friends were ever into making last minute plans that didn’t involve at least a 72-hour window before happening, there is absolutely no chance your parents would let you go. Even if it is to get some qeema parathas and chai on the highway.  Which probably means looking at how much fun your friends are having through their Snapchat stories while you are confined at home. Yep, major sob feels.

2. Forcing Your Friend To Convince Your Parents

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We have all been there. When convincing our parents didn’t work, we resorted to making our friends talk to our parents so that they may convince them to agree to our plans. Didn’t ever work for me, did it for you?

3. Making A Pit Stop Without Telling Your Parents


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They sent you to go buy dhaniya and you stopped at the mart across the road for some juice? HOW DARE YOU?

4. When A Super Cute Guy Shows Interest In You. But Your Parents…

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You don’t even bother telling your parents because no guy you have just met would be interested in shaadi right away.

Iss larkay ke parents rishta kab bhej rahay hain

Doctor tou hai na?

Haw iski past mein girlfriends bhi thein!?

5. Cutting Your Hair Too Short Without Permission

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God forbid you got a bob cut in a moment of impulse.

6. And When Your Older Relatives Find Out You Cut Your Hair Super Short, They Sympathize With Your Parents

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Your life is over for the next 10 months now, that is of course until your hair grows back out.

7. Out Of City Plans? SURE

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When your friends think that your parents will let you go on a week-long trip to Murree with them. Like, you know that you aren’t even going to try to convince your strict parents because you already know their answer: NO.

8. If You Are Ever Out With Guy Friends And Your Phuppo Sees You..

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Even if it is your friend’s boyfriend and you are all in a group out at a mall and your phuppo sees you, she will report back to your parents with details of her own. Because well, that is what phuppos do.

We have all gone through them. Which one have you experienced?

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