Dear Desi Aunties: Can We Stop Worrying About Gori Bahus Already?

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Every other TV channel you log on to and every other newspaper you pick up to read, introduces you to a new fairness cream that is supposed to make your skin look lighter i.e. more gorgeous and suitable to fit the criteria of a gori bahu… That’s right!

Is Fairness All There Is To A Person?

We live in a time and a society where beauty is synonymous with having a fair and pretty complexion and of course, anything a tad bit darker is ugly and depressing in comparison! With this thought in mind, the girls (with men not far behind them) go straight for the only option to enhance their splendor- hence the birth of even more (and cheaper) fairness creams.

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Why Are Looks The Only Thing This Society Cares About?

Why has our society dropped to such a low level to limit the wide concept of beauty to such a small detail as skin complexion? This very thought bugs me and I’m sure you must not like it too.

The TV advertisements have played a huge role here, I have to say. Dark-skinned girls are always the sad and gloomy ones, the no-guy-wanna-look-twice-at-twice ones, while her gori friend/sister is the heartthrob! I could name a thousand movies to prove this theory but you get my point. And all actual skills such as education, achievements go out the window.

If Only She Was Fair…

If and only if she could just leave behind her olive/brown skin tone to join the Gori bahu squad… oh, the heads she would turn… Who needs to be independent and educated when you can have men (and women) gaping at you wherever you go all because of the way that you look?

Source: Mallika Rao Beauty

The Role Media Plays

But of course, it has a lot to do with all the Pakistani celebrities who appear in advertisements. Promoting such discriminative views make you look good, right?

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In the end, we gotta change our mindsets and stop buying these products. Believe in yourself and nurture the beauty inside your heart, because at the end of the day, that’s what’s going to matter.

Looks, in no way, justify a person. Whether fair or dark, is is the heart that speaks volumes.

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