12 Reasons Why Girls Fall In love With Bad Boys

In the game of love it is ultimately true that nice guys finish last. Girls just have this unbelievable attraction to bad boys, they fall for them hard, then want to try and change them, sometimes it works and sometimes they just end up getting hurt…

1. Strong Symbol Of Masculinity

  They are rough and tough with scars, tattoos, leather jackets and all that other stuff that makes good girls weak at the knees.

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2. They Are Very Protective Of Their Girl

Bad boys generally have a soft heart, they will love you with the truest intentions and care about you. Try to keep you in their arms as long as possible.

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3. They Make You Feel Alive

They have the ability to whisk you away from your boring mundane life and show you the time of your life.

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4. You Like The Feeling Of You And Him Against The World

There is a certain feeling of excitement when you think it’s just you and him against the world. Forbidden love is the best kind.

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5. Their Mysterious Ways Always Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

Their late night brawls, their don’t give a damn attitude to what other people say, their insane way of loving you without knowing the reason.

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6. They Will Never Judge You

You feel most comfortable around them because you know they will never judge you for anything you do.

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7. They Do Things Differently

They are not like any other guy that they have dated before

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8. They Are Unpredictable When It Comes To Romance

Dates can range from beautiful beach side picnics to a day at home eating pizza and playing X-Box.

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9. The Are Very Good At Flirting

They have a distinctive cute and funny way of flirting that makes good girls go crazy for them

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10. Their Sensitive Side Is What You Want To Protect The Most

Most importantly they have a sensitive side that makes you feel like you have to protect and pamper them

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11. They Are Creative

Most bad boys are bad to hide their creative side. They might be a poet, writer or an actor and that is just so impressive!

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12. And Most Important They Are Extremely Passionate

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