These Videos of Sarfaraz Ahmad Reciting Naat and Hamd To His Son Will Melt Your Heart

Our captain Sarfaraz has been winning on the field lately and the nation is loving him. But here is how he is winning of the field as well by being father goals. Sarfaraz’s wife uploaded two videos of Sarfaraz reciting a naat and a hamd to his son Abdullah Sarfaraz and it really melts your heart. Sarfaraz’s video of reciting a naat went viral during the first PSL season and we know how beautiful and heart warming his voice is. These videos will surely give you all the peace and happiness in the world and will bring a smile to your face. And even make you cry over how cute it is.

Sarfaraz reciting Ay Sabz Gunbad Wale

Here you can see a short clip of Sarfaraz reciting the beautiful naat “Ay Sabz Gunbad Wale“. The video was posted by Sarfaraz’s wife Khushbakht with the caption “No rhymes for you Abdullah Sarfaraz. Baba wants you to listen to Humd O Sana”. If this isn’t goals what is?

And a beautiful nasheed.

Khushbakht bhabhi posted another video of Sarfaraz reciting the heart touching nasheed “ As Subhu Bada Min“. And this will be the most beautiful thing you will see all day. We really wish the clips were a little longer and not just 10 seconds. You can see little Abdullah listening to his dad so peacefully. And this surely is father goals. Please say MashAllah.


Look how cute they both look together. MashAllah Sarafaraz Jr that smile is beautiful.

It touches you to the core.

No matter what faith or sect you belong from, Sarfaraz’s beautiful voice is surely going to melt your heart. We wish our captain all the best for the final tomorrow and all the happiness to him and his family. Seeing this videos have surely refreshed faith.

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