It’s About Time! Mahira Khan Finally Lets Her Word Out on Being Compared to Saba Qamar

In the world of glitz and glam, and stepping into the rising world of fame, it is an ordinary thing for the celebrities to be compared to one another. It’s not a biggie, because it happens globally, too! And, once you enter the showbiz, you gotta get yourself ready for all this fame and well… hate too. And, a little too much in Pakistan though! Guess who’s in the scoop nowadays? Yup, Mahira and Saba!

Now, let’s take Deepika and Priyanka from Bollywood for example, the two beautiful Bollywood celebs are compared to one another based on their appearances and fine acting skills. Well, I‘d root for Deepika here! What about you? Just like Bollywood, Lollywood, too, has started comparing the gorgeous Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan who have been debuted in recent Bollywood movies.

As we all know, Mahira Khan’s recent flick, ‘Raees’ didn’t meet our expectations. Guess we had expected a lot. But, Saba Qamar’s recent flick, ‘Hindi Medium’, sure made a lot of noise, and the audience and fans, absolutely LOVED IT! Saba’s performance in the movie sure won a lot of hearts with houseful cinemas for two consecutive weeks! It sure got a lot of appreciation and much love from home!

Irfan and Saba

Source: Book My Show


Ever since then, the comparison of the two actresses has begun after the launch, here’s what Mahira Khan had to say:

I think I’m the only actor who gets compared to everybody and I fail to understand why. That said, I’m a huge supporter of Saba Qamar. I’m a fan and I want her to do well, I am rooting for her. If people find it cool to bring me down, go ahead if it rocks your boat. Sometimes it does get a little hurtful and at times I just wish to be left alone, but as far as I’m concerned, I wish everybody well from the bottom of my heart and I think Saba, of all the people, knows this better than anyone.

We think the chemistry between the two actresses is simply amazing and we love how supportive they are to each other, despite all the rumors and what not. We love you both, Saba and Mahira!

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