21 Things Guys Do Unintentionally That Girls Find Totally Attractive!

Guys, you might have never realized this, but girls find these unintentional acts of yours totally attractive!

1. Rolling Up Sleeves Of A Dress Shirt

Here are fun facts boys – all girls, we repeat ALL girls go crazy when you do this!


2. Chivalry

It’s the little things that go a loooonggg way. From Opening doors to paying the bill and carrying our bags. It just reminds us how special we are to you!

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3. Loose Ties

Again. Another little gesture that has an intoxicating effect on almost every girl. No need to go all the way though. Leave it hanging loose and it will still drive us crazy


4. Leaning In

Even if we don’t admit it to your faces, this makes any and every girl lose her senses (temporarily) *sigh*

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5. Side Smiles

Move over *puppy-dog look*. This is the new way for you to get things done


6. Acting Silly

We love it when you guys act silly around us. Shows us how you can be comfortable and be yourself around us


7. Running Fingers Through Hair

Either through your own hair out of shyness

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8. Or Through Ours

Guaranteed to make us swoon over you dreamily! (Chahey larki border key is paar ho yaa us paar)



9. When You Try Explaining Sports/ Video Games To Us

Pretty sure that’s not the way we play but trying to teach her isn’t he? It’s the thought that counts!


10. Lip Syncing

Not everyone can sing but when you lip-sync any song for us or even hum to yourself unconsciously, we are listening!


11. Suits

‘Nuff Said.


12. Signature Scent

It is extremely sexy to smell good. Makes a guy 10 times more attractive to females #Fact

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13. Knowing When You Need To Be Serious

We know guys are not programmed to deal with half the drama us girls put out there but it pays to show you care once in a while


14. When You Guys Are Confused

Possibly the cutest moment ever!


15. When You Guys Are Angry

Obviously not at us! But generally. Have you seen your faces?!


16. When You Wink



17. When You Wear Wrist Watches And Not Those Ugly Bands

Do That Shit.


18. Putting On The Shades With Style

Wear them.


19. When You Try To Get Into Our Mind…


20. The Way You Take Those Sharp Cuts While Driving


21. And Your Sleepy Voices… Magical!



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