11 Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Guys Find Totally Attractive!

To all those girls who do these things and never realize how they make us fall in love with them. For the future, guys love it when you do such stuff.

1. Being comfortable with them, without really ‘dressing up’ or putting on make up


2.Their confidence level when they have to achieve something


3. Flicking their hair every now and then


4. Lip biting while they are really turned on by something


5. Being independent and vulnerable


6. But never letting that child inside them die


7. Their cute adorable smile when they look you in the eye


8. Understanding and respecting your feelings and point of view

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9. Being the way they are, no matter where they are

giphy (1)

10. Giving up their sleep and prioritizing you over everything else

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11. Going through a lot but hardly showing anything



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