Edhi & JDC Become Miracle Workers After Plane Crash While Local Govt Sleeps

Real Life superheros Zafar Abbas & Faisal Edhi Rushed To Rescue After Plane Crash

Friday went down as one of the saddest days in Karachi’s history as flight PIA A320, seconds away from touch down crashlanded into a populated residential area.

What was meant to be a blessed day for Muslims, turned into a day of terror as 99 passengers plummeted to their deaths moments before touchdown.

While the horrifying incident shook Pakistan to its core, two dedicated social workers who never fall short to provide help, Zafar Abbas of JDC Foundation Pakistan and Faisal Edhi of the Edhi Foundation rushed to the crash site in minutes.

What would Pakistan do without EDHI?

Both with their entire team of volunteers reached to help with the rescue work. Something they’ve been doing in this country for years.

Both selfless individuals stayed in the area till late hours to help in any way possible and ensure that they rescue every breathing soul.

Watch what Edhi and JDC had to say while working on the crash site

According to Edhi, it will take a minimum of 2 days to complete the rescue process. He further added, “a lot of locals have been badly burnt as the fuming fires invaded their homes.”

Twitter lauds the brave heroes

Twitterati was in all praise for the dedicated souls, who were performing rescue operations despite the blazing fire and suffocation air pollution.

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PM promises inquiry

Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed grief over the unfortunate incident.

According to officials, two passengers survived the horrifying plane crash so far while many remain missing.
Meanwhile, PIA said in its statement Emergency Response Unit was activated and its teams were in touch with all the aggrieved families. They can be further contacted at 021-99242284, 021-99043766, and 021-99043833.
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