Madiha Irum, The PIA Air Hostess Who Was Lucky To Skip The Flight That Crashed

madiha irum

Madiha Irum, a PIA air hostess of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) released a video message for her well-wishes where she said that she is fine and is at her home. She was about to travel on that same unfortunate plane that crashed near Karachi airport on Friday.

According to the details, air hostess named Madiha Iram was supposed to go on duty in the plane. At the same time, Madiha was stopped by changing the duty roster at the last moment. The PIA sources said, air hostess, Anam Maqsood was sent in the plane instead of Madiha. Anam Maqsood also reportedly died in the plane crash.

Anam Maqsood who replaced Madiha at the last min

Lucky Madiha!

The flight attendant said in the video message that a matter at home kept her from boarding the flight scheduled to take off from Lahore to Karachi.

The cockpit and cabin crew of the plane that crashed in Karachi belonged to Lahore. Captain Sajjad Gul was flying the plane. While First Officer Usman Azam was with him and the other crew consisted of 3 stewards and 3 air hostesses.

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Apart from plane’s captains Sajjad and Usman, the cabin crew included Farid Ahmed Chaudhry, flight stewards Abdul Qayyum Ashraf, Malik Irfan Ashraf, air hostesses Amna Amir, Asma Shahzadi and Anam Masood.

With more than 90 passengers on board and eight crew members. Whereas, three passengers miraculously survived so far. The pictures of the unfortunate incident have been going viral since yesterday.


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