WATCH: Youth Of Swat Recreates The Turkish Drama ‘Dirilis Ertugrul’ In Pashto

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The Turkish television series Dirilis Ertugrul, based on the life and times of the 13th-century Muslim Oghuz Turk leader, Ertugrul, took Pakistan by storm when the state broadcaster began airing a dubbed version last year. Moreover, the drama continues to be all the rage in the country. Recently, a few youngsters from Swat have come together to recreate the drama.

Abbas, a student from the Swat district of Pakistan made a drama with the local cast called ‘Arzgharl’. “When we saw the [Ertugrul] drama, we really liked it. Friends came up with the idea to create a drama like this and so we began working on it. Now thankfully 75% of the work on the play has been completed. Hopefully, the rest of the shooting will be completed by Eid,” said Abbas.

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Abbas, the director, and producer of the play said that people’s love for the drama ‘Ertugrulcompelled him to do so. “The drama will be in Pashto language and will last for three hours while in total we will present it on our YouTube channel in about 18 episodes.”

Talking to Independent Urdu, he said about 70 characters will be seen in the play. Out of these, 20 play significant roles. Abbas said the play was recorded in different hilly areas of Swat. “Some scenes have also been recorded in Malam Jabba, a tourist destination in Swat.”

Abbas talks about the expenses incurred

Regarding the expenses incurred on the play, Abbas said he has paid the entire cost out of his own pocket. Moreover, the swords, special jackets, axes, cross-marked uniforms, and other items used in the play cost about Rs4 lac, he revealed.

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Abbas continued that he had made all the items used in the play himself. And now he has become so skilled in this work that he has started selling these items in a shop next to his house.

Regarding the prices of these items, he said that jackets worn by Alp and soldiers in the drama cost about Rs5,000 to Rs8,000 while the swords are for Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000.

According to Abbas, there is no special theme for the play, but its story is similar to the Turkish play Ertugrul. “In this drama, we will conquer a fort and fight wars.”

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The youths who played important roles in the play also met the Turkish actor who played the role of Abdul Rehman Alp in the play Ertugrul, in Karachi last week.

“They especially came to Karachi to meet with us after a long 1700 km 1.5 day journey. We are really surprised and thankful,” the Turkish actor wrote.

Earlier, a renowned Sindhi channel also came up with its own new drama series titled ‘Raj Rani’. 

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