You Are In For A Memefest! Twitter Has A Field Day As Facebook, WhatsApp, Insta Go Down

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Twitter had a field day last night as Facebook, Insta, and WhatsApp goes down worldwide, the memefest did not stop even after the apps started working.

Three of the world’s most used social media platforms were down for six hours on Monday. While Mark Zuckerberg’s personal wealth fell by more than $6 billion in a few hours, Twitter ordered 59.6 million nuggets while its CEO Jack Dorsey inquired “how much” it would cost to purchase Facebook on sale.

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Naturally, all social media users migrated to Twitter. Pulling Zuckerberg’s leg, the company said, “Hello literally everyone,” from its official Twitter handle.

It did not take long for a memefest to begin from there. Trolls came up with the most hilarious memes.

Here you go!

One user shared a photo of Zuckerberg’s face switched with an electrician’s. “Mark Zuckerberg trying to fix the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook crash,” read the caption.

Interestingly, our celebs also joined the memefest. Actor Ayesha Omar quipped, “Haaaaan bhaeee. Who’s eating what and where? Who’s wearing what and where? Who’s liking what and why? Who said what to who? And then what was their reply? Tweet please. So I can feel normal again”.

Later, the Bulbulay star also went on to share her day’s Insta photos on Twitter to feel ‘validated’. “Posting today’s Insta photos here. So I continue to feel validated,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, someone requested WhatsApp to “not fix anything,” because he needed a “break” from his girlfriend… Yup, you read that right.

And of course, how could trolls not use the squid reference for a meme?

Wait… it gets better

While Twitter took a dig at the three apps, none of them took it personally. Instagram replied, “Hi and happy Monday,” with WhatsApp waving back. Reddit immediately seized this opportunity and asked, “How are you doing, Instagram social media manager?” while brazenly promoting itself in another tweet. “If you have some, ahem, free time, might we suggest the front page of Reddit?”

McDonald also jumped in with its trademark “What can I get you?”, to which Twitter ordered “59.6 million nuggets for my friends”, making everyone trying to fill the void left by the absence of the go-to social media apps crave nuggets.

Well, looks like the Twittersphere sure did have a good time!

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg faced a huge decline in his net worth of about $6.1 Billion 5%, to $116.5 billion, according to the Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List. That outage also affected the company’s shares as it dropped to 4.9%.

By the way, have observed one coincidence? When Panama leaks came out in 2016, there was a Facebook outage, and now again in 2021 when Pandora Papers leaked, the same happened. Is there more to this?

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