6 Weird Things People Say When They Find Out The News Of Someone Getting Married!

Marriage is a such a debatable topic in our society. There are so many factors one needs to account for when they are choosing someone to spend the rest of their lives with. No, the concerns of compatibility and love are not even important because other aspects, such as caste difference, age difference, and house dimensions are more important.

In short, here’s the summary of how adults really treat young adults nearing the age of marriage:


Be it love marriage or arranged marriage, there are a lot of unnecessary speculations and concerns that are raised. The society can neither be happy for a woman being single nor be happy when a woman decides to settle down with someone.

Often we hear things unmarried women hear. Since “kisi haal mae khush na hona” is a perfect statement made for our society, following are the things those women hear when they announce the news of their engagement or marriage:

1. “Itni Jaldi Bhi Kya Hai? Thora Sabar Karlo Na.


And if you do decide to wait, then you hear statements like, “Umar nikli jarae hai” “Itni baari umar wali larki sae koi shaadi nahi karta.”

2. “Apni Baqi Options Bhi Explore Karlo Pehle.”


Did we forget the part where we are supposed to give well-wishes and lifelong advises that can actually help a marriage?

3. “Job/Parhai Ka Kya Bane Ga?


We have forgotten what’s like to go step-by-step. Instead of advising someone to work all the details out and discuss everything with their future-to-be, we shove negativity on their faces but showing them despicable it is to marry someone. Marriage is depicted like a prison where once you enter, your freedom and independence will halt.

4. “Spend Some Time With Them First Na.


As if you finally decided to marry someone without knowing them or without spending time with them? Theek baat hai bilkul.

5. “Age Difference Tou Kum Hai. He Won’t Be Mature Enough.”


Yep, he would neither be mature nor earn more because he just graduated. Jee theek hai, all of this matters more than someone’s nature, their goals and their attitude towards me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

6. “Itni Jaldi Shaadi Karke Bache Hee Paida Karne Haina?”


Discouragement = 10000x times more than encouragement.

Even after congratulating you, they will throw a bundle of discouraging questions. Just stay strong and have faith in yourself and in the upcoming new chapter of your life.

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