WATCH: Alyzeh Gabol Opens Up About The ‘Conflicting’ Relationship With Mother-In-Law

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Pakistani model turned actor Alyzeh Gabol tied the knot for the second time earlier this year. While she had kept the identity of her husband a secret, recently the cat came out revealing that she married Malik Riaz’s nephew. An old clip of the model has surfaced wherein she speaks about a daughter-in-law’s relationship with the mother-in-law.

Gabol tied the knot at a very young age to a guy named Osama. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last long and the couple parted ways just a few years later. They have a girl together named Miraal. Despite the breakup, Gabol and her ex-husband Osama have proven to be lovable parents for their only daughter.

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Earlier in February, the model tied the knot again. Taking to her official Instagram handle, Gabol shared a cute photo of her getting engaged to a man, putting a wedding ring on her finger. “New beginning. Alhamdulillah,” the caption read. Turns out, the post has been removed from her Instagram.

However, Gabol did not reveal the identity of her husband. Not for a long time. The cat came out of the bag recently when a woman named Mubashara Ali revealed the details while commenting on Gabol and her friends’ Insta live session. Turned out that Gabol married Zoraiz Malik, the nephew of tycoon Malik Riaz.

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An old video clip has lately surfaced of Gabol from a comedy talk show called Mazaaq Raat. In the clip, the model discusses the typical relationship between a MIL and a DIL.

“I think that a mother of a son is very possessive,” says the model. “In my opinion, a mother is more attached to her son as compared to daughters, so the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will remain forever.”

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Well, she certainly does make a point. The DIL and MIL relationship has seen conflict since forever.

In a shocking turn of events recently, various rumors spread on social media that Malik and Gabol parted their ways. Many alleged that Gabol slit her wrist and survived a suicide attempt. Rumors of Alyzeh Gabol and Zoraiz Malik’s divorce surfaced after the model took down her Instagram account.

Moreover, the mother of Malik, Aasia Amer, also confirmed the news of her son and Gabol’s divorce. Taking to social media, she posted proof of the divorce. One of the pictures showed her son signing the divorce papers.

When the identity of Gabol’s husband was revealed earlier, it turned out they were 10 years apart in age, with Gabol being 10 years older. Formerly, he is said to have been married to his cousin.

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