These Videos Of Imran Khan Pushing The Party Workers of PTI Are Raising A Lot of Questions

These Videos Of Imran Khan Pushing The Party Workers of PTI Are Raising A Lot of Questions

2 days into the general elections and everyone is pretty geared up. With this elections bound to make some history, Pakistanis are invested fully and in high spirits as well. With the revolutionary decisions against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Co., Imran Khan indeed is the one who has the most on his side in this year’s elections.

With all the focus on Imran Khan, people have started noticing a lot about him lately as well. From his remarks on the opposition to his actions – from the claims made regarding him by Reham Khan to his interviews, Imran Khan has received a lot of criticism and support in the recent days.

However, lately, Pakistanis are talking about his ‘violent’ actions towards his party members because they have been caught on tape.

Imran Khan Was Seeing Pushing and Shoving his Party Members On Numerous Occasions

First, Imran Khan was seen slapping and pushing Shahid Khattak, PTI’s candidate from Karak NA34. The video went massively viral!

And Everyone Was Talking About It Since It Went On News Channels As Well

And Reham Khan Felt the Need to Comment On It As Well

Shahid Khattak, On the Other Hand, Tried to Clarify What Really Happened

And He Had a Response For Reham Khan As Well!

With the Passage of Time, More Videos Continue Surfacing On the Internet

Here, Imran Khan is seen shoving and pushing the party workers.

During his Tour To Karachi, Imran Khan Slapped a Party Worker for a Mistake he Made

The incident took place on the stage where Imran Khan was about all set to address the locals.

And Here’s the Compilation of All the Times Imran Khan Has Elbowed and Pushed his Workers While Being Caught on Camera

Pakistanis Have Said the Following On How Imran Khan Continues Being Violent Towards his Own Party Workers



Well, let’s see if Imran Khan talks about this in any of his tweets or at a talk show. For now, just two days left for the final day!

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