Actor Usman Mukhtar Has Finally Found Someone Special. Who Is The Lucky Girl?

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The year 2020 seems like it is a year for celebrities’ love. From destination weddings to intimate weddings, it seems like celebrities are falling in love and the public is truly excited. People are still not over the beautiful proposal of Falak Shabbir and Sarah Khan, now the bachelor Usman Mukhtar just gave us quite a surprise with the news that he is dating someone!

On a famous talk show hosted by Samina Peerzada, the actor gave fans interesting chills with the most awaited news. Usman Mukhtar is actually dating someone special. He has earned a well-known reputation in the media industry after his debut in the drama serial opposite Naimal Khawer.

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Funnily though, it seems that Mukhtar tends to be playing cupid for his co-leads. Right after his drama serial Anaa became famous, Naimal Khawer tied the knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi.

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Now after shooting his second drama, Sabaat, where he appears next Sarah Khan, who married Falak Shabbir. In fact, Mukhtar was heavily trolled for becoming a Rishta aunty for celebrities, to which he responded in quite a witty manner.

Usman Mukhtar breaks silence over his love life!

Recently, our favorite bachelor Mukhtar was invited to Samina’s show. During the discussion on love and marriage. Mukhtar openly mentioned that he has found a special someone! In addition, he also mentioned that he has been seeing her for a while now.

Samina asked, “Are you dating someone?”

“Yeah, I am. It’s been a year,” said Mukhtar

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As soon the shock wore off, Samina intrigued asked Mukhtar, “Would you propose her?”

“Let’s see what happens,” the actor replied.

Although we wanted to know so much more, Usman Mukhtar made sure to keep the matters of his someone special private, he mentioned that his love life is not a part of the entertainment industry.

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“She is not from the industry, she is doing her own things and she is doing a pretty good job. She is very focused on her work and whats she wants to do and that’s I think a very good thing,” he continued.

Later on, Mukhtar added, “She has a great sense of humor and she is very smart, she has that very positive vibe. You want to be around her. She has good energy.”

Aww! Isn’t it sweet? Not only is the entire situation making us feel giddy but we are sure many girls are heartbroken over the matter.  We wish Usman Mukhtar the best of luck for his someone special and hope that we get to hear wedding bells soon. However, the star does mention he hasn’t spoken to his mother about her- wait could that be a hint?

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