Usman Dar Faces Major Backlash After His Remarks About Pashtuns!

Usman Dar Faces Major Backlash After His Remarks About Pashtuns!

Being politically incorrect is one thing but racially discriminating an entire ethnicity to make your point is a whole different ball game; one that has severe repercussions. Pakistani politicians are known to play with fire making reckless verbal jabs without fearing the backlash; as often time, there isn’t any. However, the times are changing and social media is quick to serve their verdict.

Usman Dar on the hot seat!

Usman Dar, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs felt the wrath of social media after making fun of Pashtuns. While speaking on Azadi March, JUIF and the protestors as a whole, Usman made their comparison with Pashtun street vendors. His comments seemed derogatory that offended not just the Pathans but learned Pakistanis at large.

Dar on a political show, said, “They’ll (Azadi March Protestors) get the same returns as those Pathans who roam the streets and sell a Rs500 blanket for Rs50 and then leave” 

His statements can easily be mistaken for having insulting and demeaning connotations. Moreover, PML-N leader Hina Pervez Butt who was one of the guests on the same show instantly called Dar out for his remarks. She said, “I want to condemn the usage of the word pathan like this. We are all Pakistanis”

Usman Dar's Remarks on Pathan Vendors

Via Urdu Point

According to the sources, Hina Butt’s statements didn’t hold Dar back and he continued his speech using the same narrative, until the show host Mansoor Ali Khan asked him to take his words back. Although Usman Dar agreed and took his words back, the damage was already done and social media geared up to serve some online-justice!

Social media schools Usman Dar under the hashtag #ShameOnUsmanDar!

On any grounds, the racial commentary isn’t acceptable, especially by a political leader. Moreover, following this online backlash, Usman apologized. But first, here’s what the crowd had to say:

Mohsin Dawar takes a stand against Dar’s comments!

‘Hatemongering’ is what many are accusing Usman of. 

‘Racist and ignorant’ statement!

Several consider his statement as a reflection of his prejudice against Pashtoons of Pakistan!

A supportive stance among the plethora of criticism. 

‘Taken out of context’ is how his supporters are deeming it!

Pashtuns have been stereotyped for a long time, says one user. 

Usman Dar apologizes on Twitter!

On the brighter side of all this; Usman Dar realized his careless words have hurt the sentiments of many and apologized.

He tweeted: “….if any of my statements have hurt my Pathan brothers then I apologize.”

Whether his words were taken out of context or actually meant as is, what matters is the impact they create. Hence, it is important that any public figure choose their words wisely. Usman Dar not only represents his own self but an important political party; he should tread carefully.

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