Twitter Is Thrilled For ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ Upcoming Final Episode And It’s Crazy!

Mere Paas Tum Ho Final episode

Pakistani drama industry has had many legendary dramas but none like ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’. This drama has managed to grab the public’s attention like never before. Every time an episode releases it’s all over social media. Well, now that it’s about time for Mere Paas Tum Ho‘s final episode, twitter is going crazy.

Ever since the airing of this show, it has gained immense popularity among Pakistanis, becoming one of the highest-rated dramas in 2019. The drama has also been caught up in controversies but the hype never went down. Some credit goes to the meme lords too for making Khalil-ur-Rehman’s ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ unforgettable.

Apart from the story of the drama, the dialogues have been applauded for their impact too. Be it “Do takay ki larki” or “Shirk to Khuda bhi mauf nahin kerta” every dialogue has had its time on social media. The dialogues of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ not only went viral because they were well-written but also because they were well-delivered. Nadeem Baig’s direction and the cast’s performance added a 100 to the value of the dialogues written by Khalil-ur-Rehman.

Twitter Predicts Upcoming #MerePaasTumHo Final Episode

Now as the finale is approaching, the expectations of people from the climax of the drama have been raising. Twitteratis are going crazy guessing how the show will end and #MerePaasTumHo is one of the top trends right now. Everyone is sharing their part in predicting the finale and some of them almost sound true.

Mere paas tum ho trending

Here are the predictions that Twitteratis have been making for the final episode of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’.

The tragic one where Danish ends up in an accident.

The crazy “Are we a joke to you?” one where the whole drama was just Mehwish having a bad dream. 

The hilarious one where the economy crisis bankrupts Danish.

The ridiculous one that could get the writer killed where except for Danish everyone lives happily ever after. 

The catastrophic ones where Danish marries Hania and everyone else just dies. 

There are endless possibilities for the final episode of ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’. So, now the pressure’s on the producers of the show. Because people have so many plots figured out in their heads for the final episode and if the writer chose their least favorite one there will be so much of disappointment and crap talk.

Not to our surprise, some people have predicted that too.

‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ To Be Screened In Cinemas

The show already has been ruling the TV screens ever since it started airing so the final episode deserved a step forward. So recently ARY announced that Mere Paas Tum Ho‘s 2-hour long final episode will be screening in Cinemas on 25th January which was previously set to be aired on January 18.

This news was announced on the Facebook page of the channel, saying, “The biggest drama serial in the history of Pakistan television is coming to an end. Watch the last mega double episode of ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ simultaneously on Ary Digital and cinema across Pakistan on Saturday 25th Jan 2020 at 8:00 pm.” 

By the popularity of the show, we are already anticipating the show to go full house wherever it is screened.

However, some people even think that the drama is absolutely overrated and it would be a waste to spend money on it to watch it in cinemas.

Either way, if you are the kind who has been following ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho‘ on youtube, there’s bad news. There is a possibility that the drama might not be uploaded on YouTube this time. So if you’re curious about the ending you better catch up on it when it’s live.

In an interview on ARY News the writer of the show Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, made a statement that triggered the fans’ curiosity even more anxious. He said that he was crying while writing the end of the play.

One thing we know from this is that the ending won’t be very happy.

What is your prediction about ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ final episode? Let us know in the comments. 

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