These 7 Best Dialogues Of Meray Paas Tum Ho Are Going Viral!

best dialogues meray paas tum ho

The story, script, characters, and performances are the basic ingredients for any successful drama. And luckily, we have plenty of examples in our drama genre. The most popular and high rated drama “Meray Paas Tum Ho” is the audience’s favorite nowadays. In their point of view, it’s the best drama of all time.

The storyline has smoothly moved and their dialogues have touched the hearts of the people. Every fresh episode creates a new excitement among the audience and the best dialogues of Meray Pass Tum ho gives them goosebumps every time.

Here Are The Best  Dialogues From Meray Paas Tum Ho!

Khalil ur Rehman is known for his impactful dialogues and when his dialogues combine with the direction of Nadeem Baig, then we definitely get a masterpiece in the end. The way of portraying each and every character is just amazing and leaves the viewers in tears.

People feel the emotions of the drama and that makes it on the top position of the T.R.P chart with 18.3 points. It’s one of the highest-rated dramas in 2019.

However, people love the drama and the killer dialogues delivered by their favorite actors. Their performance is the highlight of every episode. Previously, Pakistanis had been predicting the ending of hit-show Meray Paas Tum Ho.

As you go through social networking sites, you may understand how people enjoy the deliverance of the lines. Some are focusing on the depth while others are just busy in making some hilarious memes Let’s have a look at some latest famous dialogues of the drama.

1.”Is do takay ki larki ke liye ap mujhe 50 million de rahe thay”

When Maham came to meet Mehwish at her hostel:

2.”Shauhar biwi ka mujrim ho jaye to uske sath waqt acha guzerta hai”

An exceptional one:

3. “Mohabbat is not a stock market, yahan aik bar bhao gir gya, bus gir gya!”

And the best of all:

4. “Shirk to Khuda bhi mauf nahin kerta”

This scene is so meaningful:

5. “Mohabbat main 2 tarha k gunahgaar hote hain, aik jo bewafa hote hain, aik jo bewafaa’on k liay rote hain!”

Another best one:

6. “Meri kamyaabi ke peechay mera beta hai”

This is lit:

7. “Tum itni khoobsurat ho ke dekh k rashk aata hai, aur tum itni badsurat ho k tmhare mun pe thookne ka dil kerta hai”

The storyline of the drama is very common but the execution of direction and performance of the cast makes it the highest-rated drama of all times. Actor’s extraordinary skills giving a new taste in an old tale, timing and the delivery of dialogues generate the magic on the screen.

A lot of the time, the expressions of the actors say more than their words that’s why they leave a long-lasting impression. Though each character portrays a different angle of the story which somehow confuses the audience.

Moreover, the drama has quickly grabbed the attention of the audience and has become the talk of the town. Their cast is overwhelmed with the feedback and love they get from their fans as well as from the industry. However, some people don’t like it but the critic is part of the success.

Meray Paas Tum Ho is becoming vigorous with every episode owning to some great dialogues and superb acting by the entire cast. Don’t know when will it reach the conclusion but we would love to see justice in the end. Now the fans have very high expectations from the makers. Let’s see how they concluded this masterpiece with the same taste. Stay tuned!

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