“Turning His Back”-Port Qualifies & Juventus Out of The UCL

Uefa Champions League getting near to the Quarter Final stage, where many of the teams will be focusing to retain their lead and secure the position for the next level.

2nd leg began with the shocking knockout, which stunned the whole world and mostly affected the Italian side. No one expected this outcome, although in the first leg Juventus faced trouble against Porto.

Last night two main fixtures took place Juventus vs Porto and Borrusia Dortmund vs Sevilla.

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German side dominated over the Spanish League team, the game ended with 2 all, but Dortmund won with their previous 3 away goals which helped them to stable their Quarter Final position.

Erin Haaland undoubtedly single-handedly took Dortmund towards the quarter-final stage. Sevilla’s defensive side couldn’t stop the Norweigian Striker.

Sevilla has been dominating in the Europa League with their unexceptional performances and retained their title.

Underdog Overcame Italian Side

But everyone’s attention got hooked up towards the next fixture, which no doubt held the high intensity because Juventus fans were expecting an outcome in their favor.

Porto FC planned something different for the host and managed to destroy them purely.

The match went on extra time as per the aggregate, but in the ending time of the second extra half, Sergio Oliveira took the free-kick and a big blunder made by Ronaldo which cost them not another goal but Champions League dream too.

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Ronaldo the sixth most expensive player in football, bought from Real Madrid in 2018 at $117 million.

The main purpose of signing Ronaldo for Juventus was to end their long Champions League drought, but looks like it isn’t worth it. It’s the third time Juventus didn’t even reach the Semifinals of UCL.  

Capello Criticized Ronaldo

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For his unimaginable error, former Juve and Italy manager Capello criticized Ronaldo for turning his back would be “unforgivable.”

“Before the ball kicked, Ronaldo has already turned: it is very serious. If you’re part of the wall, you know that you can be on the receiving end of a powerful shot, it is an unforgivable mistake that is unjustifiable

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“Tonight, it conceded goals and the game was immediately uphill. Apart from Chiesa, who made the difference? All the others seemed a bit jaded, the players of Porto had much more rhythm.”

Capello even slammed over the veteran players, “In this team, there are some veterans who turn up when they win to take the credit, then are nowhere to be seen when they lose.”

Unsolved Puzzle

Juventus the most dominating team in the Italian League, won the last 9 league titles but when it comes to Champions League it seems like an impossible puzzle to figure out by the Bianconeri.

It’s been more than a decade for Juventus to shine under the UEFA Champions League title and hold it. Because they have only won twice in their whole run, finished in the finals but couldn’t pass the opposition team.

Tonight, Barcelona will be facing PSG which is another main second leg fixture along with RP Leipzig will visit Anfield to recover from the first leg.

Looking at Liverpool’s home defeat streak in Premier League they can’t sustain the lead position. PSG where demolished Barcelona in their first leg and Mbappe’s hat trick boosted up the team’s confidence.

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Barcelona fans still believe in the comeback, as they did against PSG in 2017 with a final score of 6-1.

No one can predict in football what will happen next, but one thing every football fan knows and that they will witness the thrill, drama, and entertainment.

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