Another Transgender Killed - Beenish Dies From Multiple Gunshot Wounds In Islamabad

Another Transgender Killed – Beenish Dies From Multiple Gunshot Wounds In Islamabad

Pakistan Transgender Beenish

Brutality reaches a new level each day as the lives of humans are of no importance. Pakistan is a free state, but still many human beings are still throttling with the chains of condescension, disgust, and a lot more hatred; for unnecessary reasons.


A similar depressing incident took place in a posh locality of Islamabad; as a group of unidentified persons shot multiple times at a transgender person and left them in cold blood to breathe their last. This entire havoc again raises a lot of questions about how the lives of these poor trans persons are in jeopardy and there is no one to provide them any form of comfort.

Transgender Beenish loses her life – shot dead

The transperson who lost their life is identified as Beenish. She was shot at sector E-11 in the federal area of Islamabad. The reasons behind this brutal and unsettling incident are yet unknown. No news of report or FIR registration is heard yet.

As saddening this news is, what we find more upsetting is how no one is taking any action as yet of the situation. The traumatic incident took place on Sunday 12th July 2020 in one of the poshest areas of Islamabad. This is truly devastating to learn that these poor people are not even safe in their homes.

The transgender community in Pakistan is not treated very well. In fact, transgenders are often seen as the subject of abuse and torture. Not only are they treated poorly, rather, but they also face continuous unnecessary discrimination on numerous occasions. Despite this fact, these poor people try to make an innocent and respectful living in Pakistan.

Pakistan Transgender Beenish

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No action to reprimand or avoid such harsh incidents from occurring in the future is taken still. However, this isn’t the first time Pakistan is letting such brutality take place. Many of trans persons face torture and torment on a daily basis.

Just a month ago, we heard about the brutal gang rape and murder of a 15-year old Christian transgender in Faisalabad by a local gang.

Multiple requests from different activist groups are on their way to ask Minister Shireen Mazari about this tragic loss; that the trans community faces every day.

WARNING Some viewers may find the following content disturbing. Viewer discretion is advise

In the past four years, we see about 50 murder reports, sexual assault cases, and rape on the trans community of Pakistan. Furthermore, lawmakers seem to have turned a blind and deaf ear to such cases. Here we see the trans community faces continuous abuse from gender discrimination, sexual assault, and rape.

We urge to see a change that is bound to come soon in the mindsets of Pakistan; so that we can move forward from this prejudice and look at everyone equally without any disregard or hatred towards anyone.

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