Shireen Mazari Finally Wakes Up To Help Christian Girl Forced To Work As Sex Slave

Shireen Mazari christian Minor sex slave

Rape cases are reaching a staggering number day by day in Pakistan and that too of minors. Another unfortunate incident has recently come to light from Sandha, Lahore, where a handicapped, minor Christian girl is abducted for sex slavery.

The minor girl belonging from a poor family is being brutally victimized and no one came out to help the powerless family.

According to a tweet posted by the voice of the Pakistan minority, the police know about the whole incident and also of the kidnappers but have not taken any action due to religious differences.

Apparently the victim and her family are helpless because they belong to the Christian community.

The mother of the victim lodged an FIR on 16th March,2020 at police PS Sanda

With no response from either the local authorities or government the family resorted to making a video message for the world to see the injustice prevailing in our system.

In the video posted on May 10th, the family cries out for justice and the safe return of their minor physically impaired daughter.

“A shameful and horrific act” tweets Shireen Mazari

The tweet posted on May 10th has since then been liked and reshared 1.3K times. So much so that it finally FINALLY  reached the Federal Minister for human rights Shireen Mazari.

“A shameful and horrific act. I have taken it up. FIR registered. We have a copy of it. MOHR following the case now – culprits will be caught” tweeted Mazari.

DIG Operations Lahore’s official twitter also notified the people about the case and its updates.

‘Have raided two places but have been unsuccessful so far’, DIG Operations

Following these tweets, Twitterati lashed out at the law enforcement authorities and the government for not taking the appropriate measures to prevent such heinous crimes.

Twitter reacts on the merciless crime


Pakistan faces several cases of minors being sexually abused and assaulted on a regular bases. Even worse, most of the victims were minor girls that were less than 10 years old. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s justice system hasn’t done a satisfactory job in putting the culprits behind bars as most of them roam free.

The rapists, harassers, and blackmailers take advantage of the weak justice system that strengthens their dirty resolve to keep committing such offenses against helpless girls and women.

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