More than 300 ancient tombs found in China!

More than 300 ancient tombs found in China!

Archaeologists discovered an astounding discovery in eastern China: a beautiful tomb stretching back 2,200 years! This tomb, probably belonging to a monarch of the Chu state, provides important insights into Chinese history.

The Chu state was one of seven states in ancient China, known for their constant battles. When they stopped fighting and united, it marked the beginning of modern China.

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Located in Wuwangdun, a significant Chu state archaeological site, this tomb is part of a vast cemetery. Inside, researchers found an array of artifacts, including bronze vessels, musical instruments, and even plant remains. One standout discovery is a coffin covered in over 1,000 written characters.

Experts believe this tomb belonged to a high-ranking figure, possibly the Chu state’s ruler. Its discovery sheds light on various aspects of life during the Warring States period.

To preserve these valuable findings, archaeologists created a special low-oxygen laboratory at the site. This ensures the ancient relics remain intact while researchers continue to explore their mysteries.

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