This Guy Believes That Muslims Will Turn Into Vampires Soon And We Are Like “Aur Sab Khairyat Hai”

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Okay, so we recently received a submission by a guy and since we are an open platform, we felt obliged to post this. However, we personally think that the intent is good but the style of presenting it might not be. So, instead of trashing it, we decided to give this guy a fair chance and let you decide and see if you subscribe to his school of thought or not. We most certainly don’t agree with the generalisation in this article because not everyone is alike… Having said that, here it goes…

“Something is going to change the next new moon. Something magically is going to happen. You will be turned into vampires as soon the crescent for next month appears. If you are an adult Muslim. But wait, this is going to be the “Halal Vampirism” more likely “Blessed Vampirism” Some children, of course, might be immune. Here are some reasons that prove it that you are going to change:

1: Extreme Hunger:

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You will feel a lot of hunger whole day. It will be strenuous, controlling the appetite, but you will manage it. Because you want to be a good Muslim and please your Creator. Because you will be fasting for your lord and you will not feed at all, till the sun sets not for a single day, but for the whole Ramadan. And you will feed only when it is dark. And the Moazzan announces that the day has passed, finally.

2: Fear of Sunlight:

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For a whole month, you will be very, very afraid of sunlight. You will not go out. It will just feel like that the moment you are going to step out of your home; the sun will burn your skin and kill you. We all know that this is going to be a May-June Ramadan, and it will be the scorching weather. So no way you are going to step into the sunlight the whole month.

3: Sleeping through the day, staying up all night:


Well, most of practicing Muslims will be up all night, and some of them will sleep all the day, just like vampires. We all know that Ramadan is a month of praying and worshipping Allah (S.W.T). So all the practicing Muslims offer Salaah of Taraweeh and other Prayers. Some of the people in Islamic world practice Qayaam al Layl which is praying all night. And they mostly sleep after Intaha As Sahar (The starting time of day’s fasting), then they offer Salat al Fajar, and after that, they sleep. That sleep usually ends at the time of noon prayer, Ad-Duhr.

Some of the people won’t wake up even for Salaah which is a dangerous situation for faith.

4: Drink Red and a lot:

Source: Tumblr

All parts of Ramadan are sweet, for heart, and faith. It’s so beautiful. But there is a red substance that is sweetest beguilingly sweet even on the tongue. After the sun has set and the evening has started, the craving, thirsty Muslims will not be able to control the cravings anymore. Because they are now allowed to feed. So they will rush towards that red, shiny drink and then it is always out of control. They cannot stop drinking. Sometimes it feels like that during the drinking; they will break the victim’s neck. Oh I mean no blood by the red drink, it is “Laal Sharbat,” and the victim is the “Glass” or the “Pyalah”. But yeah for some… It could be a jug as well.

5: Connection to the Night & Moonlight:

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Like all other Vampire phenomena, it is going to start with the new moon of Ramadan. And it is going to end with the new moon of Shawaal. As we know that Islamic date starts with the night and the month starts with the first sight of the moon.

6: Unity like a coven:

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Ramadan is like the only period of the year now. That Muslim community gets together. They forget their differences and consider themselves as a Nation. They pray together, there are feasts, Iftaar Parties (everyone loves that, but only if it’s from another person) and in Masjids, they sit. They care about each other. They try to make sure that everyone is fed and celebrating this month happily. This is enthrallingly beautiful, isn’t it? Oh, I love that.

So… Now you know that next month, all of you are going to turn into Vampires, metaphorically I mean. So enjoy its beauty. Try to make the Creator, Allah S.W.T happy. But not forget his creation either. Everyone deserves happiness, so try to make everyone happy. With your smiles, with good deeds, Sadqah (charity), share your food with those who are hungry. Try to dress the ones who cannot buy dresses like you, and make the World a better place (not for only Ramadan but the rest of the days too) and… Do not you dare forget inviting me to Iftaar. ;)”

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