Here’s How To Bring Change Within Yourself To Make Others Happy

How to make others happy

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Today we are living in a world where we find negativity or pessimism everywhere. The approach of optimism and positive thinking is depleting fast. We are getting habitual of seeing the dark side of the picture first. We point out weaknesses and shadow good virtues. As a result, tension and jealousy prevail everywhere including homes, offices, markets and educational institutions. But how can this be stopped and how to make others happy!

Real relations are becoming weak in the society. The instances of the ratio of Talaq and Khula are increasing at an alarming scale. We go to the office and see there are people whom we call our friends at the time of promotion they become enemy. In schools, colleges and universities students have become more selfish and helping attitude towards each other is declining. Above all, our electronic media has played a major role in projecting negativity through their channels.

In our society, we are fighting with our own people for property, wealth etc. We are getting an education with the only aim to get well-paid jobs and become rich in quick time. We are not satisfied with any amount of money and are on the run to get more and more to make our lives happy. But sadly only and resources are not giving us peace within ourselves as money can’t buy happiness. Competition meaning in urdu is ‘Muqabila’. Competition has become the norm of lives of today. Even a pre-school child faces competition and parents have intense pressure to get their children perform better than others. We have become more and more materialistic creatures who had forgotten everything and are only busy in competition with others by adopting fair and unfair means.

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We may notice that 30-40 years ago people generally had less money; fewer resources like big houses and lavish cars, they were not much educated, no electronic gadgets were there but people were generally much happier, peaceful and cooperative. Nowadays we are enjoying 100 channels, expensive mobile phones, social media to connect us but in fact, these tools have broken our mutual relations. We may have a lot of friends on Facebook but we hardly meet them. Visiting relations and friends have declined badly. So much so in a house of 5 people, they hardly meet and talk each other. We are only feeling happy to forward WhatsApp messages on each occasion. The happiness state of mind is getting lost day by day mong people!

There is a need to bring change in our living pattern. We must have to create patience, brotherhood, harmony among ourselves in order to live happily. We should make our family relations strong. Parents should not only pay heavy fees for their children but they must also talk to them in detail more often, listen to their difficulties, visit their schools/colleges/universities, see the environment they are spending more time and look for what they are surfing on internet.  We should prevail positive thinking about our own country. We are blessed by a beautiful country having vast land and maritime resources.

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Our people are intelligent and hardworking. Our country is a nuclear power and our armed forces are 6th largest in the world. But the biggest advantage is that we are a young nation; 60% of our population is between the age of 15 and 35.  We must think that through talk shows and social media what kind of messages we are giving to our young generation.

You must also notice that we now spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. Our expenditure on various ceremonies like birthdays, marriages and deaths is becoming more and more, making every body’s life difficult. So much so we spend a lot on eating outside homes. These habits are not only creating an unnecessary race in the society but also serious health problems.

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I think everyone should start from home.  We must teach basic ingredients of happy of pursuit i.e. patience, honesty, rule of law, brotherhood and respect for each individual.  We must not be greedy for money. Money is a basic requirement but one should have some limit. We should not use unfair means to earn money because it creates large differences in the society. Of course, we have to remember that one day we all have to die so we should care for others particularly for poor and needy. Some people do ask where can I find happiness? If we want to be happy, the golden principle is we must see those people who have less money, fewer resources, disabilities, serious health problems etc. We must avoid unnecessary race in the society.  We must be thankful to God who has given us so many things.

Now we will say that what we alone can do and how to make others happy. If I try to practice this what will be the change within our society. One flower can spread the fragrance in the whole room. So why don’t we try to be that flower in our society? After seeing us maybe more people can think to be a flower. In the worst-case scenario if nobody changes the end of the day we will be happy and satisfied with the life we are living. It’s tough but it’s not impossible because the word impossible even says I M POSSIBLE.

In the end, I must say each religion teaches its followers all good virtues for making the life of all human beings happy and peaceful. Of course, Islam is on the forefront to teach us in our all activities to care for others, say at least an example of parking cars.  So much so our religion forbids kissing Hajr-e-Aswad if there is a chance to create difficulties for others.

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