After The Release Of Neelum Valley Incident Video, This Girl Shared Something Quite Insensitive!

Recently, Pakistan witnessed a very tragic incident which saddened the whole nation. The future of the nation, a bunch of aspiring doctors were on a final year all Pakistan tour where this awful incident took place and many of them lost their lives.

There were approximately 22 students on the Neelum Valley bridge where they stopped to take a photo and make memories of this beautiful place. But the bridge couldn’t hold the weight of these people and broke in a haste. Underneath the bridge was the rushing water of Neelum Valley which was at its might in this season because of the melting ice. The water took all the people away and after all these days, authorities are unable to find the bodies of those students.

Here is the horrifying video of the incident!

Kundal Shahi Bridge collapsed Incident Live Footage Neelum Valley

Sad incident occurred on 13-5-18. An old bridge over Neelum river collapsed succumbing to the weight of around 40 tourists. Nala Jagran near kutton waterfall The tourists were standing together to take a picture, when the bridge could not contain the pressure of their weight.The Muzaffarabad deputy commissioner said more than 40 people fell into the water. Antique Bridge Broken Due to Over Loaded. 35 to 40 Tourist Fell in to the jagran Nalaa 4 Died on spot 16 Recovered Rescue Operation Continue.Police and army personnel participated in the rescue operation.Police officials said these tourists stopped to take pictures on the bridge, located in Nala Jagran area of the region, when it collapsed as it could not withstand the pressure.Neelum Valley is a popular tourist spot, especially in summers. A large number of people from in and outside of Pakistan head to the destination spot because of its cool weather and scenic beauty.

Gepostet von Northern Areas of Pakistan am Montag, 14. Mai 2018

Since the news was all over the internet, people shared their views on this incident very differently but this one lady seems to have offended a lot of people.

Here’s what she had to say!

When Allah Subhaan Wa Ta’allah SUGGESTS u to take your mahrum with you when you travel and do not indulge in mixed gathering UNNECESSARILY and on the other hand our SO CALLED educational institutes ENCOURAGE mixed education and plan such trips… (jubkay unka purpose Islami qanoon ko naafiz kerna aur Islamic values ko practice kerwana hona chahiye)…. busy in serving SATAN instead…

In the name of SOCIALISATION & CONFIDENCE building EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES they are LITERALLY destroying the society…

I don’t feel sad for such incidents
If anyone wants to judge me
Be my guest…

I understand that accidents can happen to anyone anytime… even with mahrums n families BUT it’s really important to die in a position when you are not ashamed of facing your CREATOR…

Do we care about this? Do we even think about death or any incident that can happen while we travel? And take measures accordingly??? (RAPE, ILLEGAL ADULTERY, HARASSMENT, KIDNAPPING are very common when woman OF ANY AGE AND BACKGROUND is found unprotected or unattended)

We NEVER forget to put SUNSCREEN, CAPS, JEANS, and CAMERAS in our bags, we join groups and ask questions so that our journey preparation is perfect and follow the destination’s code of conduct too (some clothing as per local needs etc.) and the country’s code of traveling as well (Visa, Passports or Tickets) … but we VERY CONVENIENTLY ignore the Islamic code of traveling… why because OUR PRIORITIES ARE COMPLETELY COMPROMISED and we don’t live to please Allah Subhaan Wa Ta’allah anymore…

It was not PANI that was BAY REHEM
It was AGAIN us (Zalimeen) as Allah Subhaan Wa Ta’allah call HIS disobedient beings in The Glorious Qura’an

Yeh koi dosra group bhi to ho sakta tha? Koi family Koi couple???


Allah Subhaan Wa Ta’allah hamien ISHAARAY day rahay hein or hum hein k SUDHARNAY ka naam he nahin laitay… zalzala aye ya toofan… tauba (astaghfaar) kay bajaye kalma perhtay hein

Special Request: As I am a female so I request ALL FEMALE irrespective of religion, cast, colour or creed to simply say NO to such trips…

1. They are not part of your MARKSHEET, even if they are THINK as if you failed to attempt chemistry test NO BIG DEAL
2. They bring NO GOOD to your body or soul
3. It will ONLY ignite the anger of YOUR LORD (whatever name you use to call HIM)

Here’s the post…

The incident just took place a few days back but some people seem to be very insensitive about it! Clearly, even if she wanted to be the moral police for everyone, her timings were certainly not right. Not only that, but her words are way more harsh for the families of those who lost their kids!
What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.
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