10 Things Men Do Make Themselves Repellent To Women!

For ages, men have been trying to understand the opposite gender, with little or no success. One may even argue that the same is the case with women but, let’s not dwell in a comparison duel. When the world says “women are from Venus”, men tend to take this seriously and being understanding towards their partners and women around them. In such attempts and observations, they tend to make silly assumptions that creep out the opposite sex. So, how about a brief discussion on the habits of men which tend to turn women off and look away?

1) Natural Odour You Say? Please Stay Away!


We all know animals, even us, have a special body odor that is a bit different from other beings. The scent of sweat varies from person to person, and their diet and hygiene are greatly involved in this. However, when a person smells bad, they should accept this fact and do something about it. Not only ethics are involved here, but hygiene as well.

2) The World May Revolve Around You But, She Won’t!


You might think that people are talking about you, or that some girl likes you, or someone else is planning things for you. However, you have to burst this bubble of yours. Know that people have a lot of other stuff to cater to and a woman may not like it if you keep staring at a mirror or keep taking selfies.

3) Too Much Macho-ness Means A Solid Goodbye!


It is all and well that you joined a gym and your body is becoming rock hard. Even though your cuts might be becoming prominent, a girl might not always want you to show them to her. The gym is definitely a confidence booster but, to flex your muscles by standing in an awkward posture might not get you a girl’s attention.

4) Simplicity Goes A Long Way!


You have an original Tag Heuer watch, a gold chain, Ray Bans, and drive your own Honda Accord? That is all good until you start using all of this as a mean to show off. You know it’s showing off when you are showing it off. In other words, deep down in your heart you just know that the sleeves you rolled up, is only because you wanted to show off that expensive watch. Keep it simple, and let the girl take a look at you herself.

5) Faking Is Injurious To Your “Game”!


If you think that all the hefty and expensive brands might make you look good but they are too expensive, then buying their cheap copies is not the solution at all. One may argue that a good copy will go a long way however, that is not the case everywhere. Remember guys: keep it simple and keep it original. If a Nike shirt has “Mike” written on it, it is a big NO.

6) Ordering and Being Needy!


Dear men, you have to understand that women are as much of humans as you and they need not to be pushed around. Moreover, you all should learn to handle yourself when your woman is not around. Give her the space she needs, and learn to respect her.

7) Mah Bro, Keep That Accent Of Yos’ Intact, Homie!


You didn’t understand this, and neither did that girl whom you recently spoke to in your God-knows-which accent. If you want to speak English, then do that in your simple Pakistani accent. There is nothing wrong in owning your accent, and certainly no pride in speaking in a foreign accent.

We’ll leave the rest for you to identify. Always remember one thing fellas: keep it simple. Just be yourself, look, and smell neat and fresh.

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