7 Things That Happen When You Can’t Speak English In Pakistan

We’re worshiping the language of our colonial masters at the expense of our various and beautiful regional and local languages. These are some of the struggles you’ll face if you can’t speak proper English in Pakistan;

1. People are going to label you “jahil”

We’ve come to equate literacy with the ability to speak English. So if you can’t do that, I’m sorry, you’re illiterate.

number 1

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2. At school, you’ve often had to pay fines for not speaking in English

Urdu is a luxury you have to be able to pay for.


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3. And when you start, you often have to rely on gestures because the words just won’t come out


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4. A conversation in English is your worst nightmare

‘Yes yes. No no. Totally’. Because in reality, you’re like this:


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5. You’ve been laughed at during presentations

It isn’t easy presenting in front of 40 people, all of whom are reacting precisely like this:


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6. You can’t go to the fancy restaurants because the items on the menu need a code cracking expert


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7. Speak in Sindhi or Punjabi and your “cool” friends will react this way


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