9 Habits People Who Cannot Live Without Biting Their Nails Can Relate To!

When you are nervous, you bite your nails. When you are anxious, you bite your nails. When you are excited, you bite your nails. When you are worried, you bite your nails. There’s something oddly satisfying about nail biting. Yes yes, some people may call nail biting disgusting…

And they are right, it’s a bad habit, we know. But kya karsakte hain. The addiction is real. Very, very real.

For those of you who have the weirdest habit of biting their nails (raises her hand), I am sure here are the 7 things you can totally relate to:

1. It Is Super Addictive!!!

Source: OMG Nail Polish

It’s exactly like coffee. Your day is incomplete without having a taste of your tasteless nails!

2. You’re Always Judged For Biting Them Nails

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“Psycho lagrahi ho! Tension hai? Stress hai?”

“Nahi bus mu mein daalna hai.”

Just…don’t ask us why we do what we do. We know this isn’t good. Just…let it be?

3. Your Mom Keeps Finding Ways To Help You Get Rid Of This Habit

Source: Celebrity Face

Unglion pe mirchein laga dena is probably the most tried trick applied by every desi mother whose child has the irritating habit of biting nails. Not to forget how flying chappal is the solution of everything, especially when you are daydreaming and biting your nails simultaneously…BULLS EYE!

4. You Don’t Dream About Putting Nail Polish Because…You Have No Nails!

Source: mic.com

Jab nakhun hi nahi hain tou unglion pe lagaein?

5. When In Trouble, Solving The Problem Means Biting All The Way To Your Bones!!!

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I swear, the level of anxiety and stress during any problematic situation, especially during a Math paper is at the peak. Eventually, you will have no skin left on your fingers. I am not even kidding.

6. Your Day Won’t Be Complete Till You Bite Your Nails

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This is the type of nasha that totally takes control of you. There is no going back once you develop this habit.

7. The Real Struggle Is When You Want To Scratch Yourself

Source: Goodreads

Nails help in scratching an itch or a mosquito bite or even when you want to scratch your head. Don’t believe me? Try chopping off your nails entirely and then try to scratch yourself. It is a horrible feeling, tbh.

8. How You Never Ever Need A Nail Cutter

Source: KissinBlueKaren

Because your teeth are your 24/7 nail cutter.

9. Before Answering Anything, You First Have To Finish Biting Your Nails

Source: KissinBlueKaren

Since your mouth is already busy in dealing with your nails, you will always take your time by first finishing with the nail biting and then answering someone. It is so annoying for someone else, I know.

Like I mentioned earlier, nail biting is not a good habit but seriously, it is a habit you don’t want you to leave. It is extremely addictive and…it always helps you in keeping your nails short!

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