These 4 Dishes You Thought Are Pakistani But They Are Actually Wilayti Dishes

These 4 Dishes You Thought Are Pakistani But They Are Actually Waliyti Dishes

No amount of fast food can beat the taste or replace our desi food. That is the thing about Pakistani food – no matter what the occasion is, no matter what your mood is, our desi food is THE BEST food. I am sure when they invented maa k hath ka khana statement, they were talking about Pakistani food only.

Not a lot of Pakistanis know this, but there are 4 most enjoyed “desi” food options that are not Pakistan-originated. While reading the list, you might want to eat one of those items.

1. Daal Chawaal

If you say matches are made in Heaven, then definitely the combination of daal and chawaal was made in the highest ranks of Heaven. With aachar being the couple’s baby. Ah!

While daal chawaal might be every Pakistanis favorite meal, one needs to know that it is a Nepali dish – from where it traveled and took a special place in the heart’s of Indians of the subcontinent, reaching the lands of Pakistan.

2. Samosa

School/college breaks are incomplete without samosa. Eat it with dahi barhay, with meethi chattni or with ketchup or just as it is, the amount of samosas we consume in just one month will be more than any other country’s consumption.

Historically, samosa was made in Middle East before 10th century. Back then, it was famous as “Sambosa“. While it was making its way to Central Asia, the name sambosa was changed to samosa.

3. Jaleebi 

Doodh jaleebiya, garaam garaam jaleebiya or just the cold jaleebiya – we love it!

Pakistanis consume jaleebiya in an amount that cannot be explained. However, Pakistanis didn’t make it – jaleebi hails from the West Asia. It was known as “Zalibiya” which is a Persian word and Persians brought jaleebiya to the Indian subcontinent in the 15th century.

4. Gulab Jamun

I swear, this was a heartbreaking finding for me. I am not even kidding. I actually thought my mom invented gulab jamun when I was a kid. So this is even a bigger heartbreak for me.

Don’t we all love everything round, especially when it is these sugar bombs that are a part of our every occasion? Originally, gulab jamun were made in the Mediterranean and Persian regions. With the passage of time, it reached the subcontinent it is now a part of all our special occasions.

Regardless of what the origin is, it shouldn’t stop you from having these delicious dishes. We love them as if they are our own, don’t we?

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