Our Earth Is Dying And We Need To Start Taking Global Warming Seriously!

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You have heard about climate  changes, but do you know it’s consequences?

“Climate Change is  real and it’s happening” this is what the Hollywood Renowned Actor and 2016 Academy Award Winner Leonardo DiCaprio said in his Oscar speech, but why do we need to take it seriously? Here are some facts on how Climate Change is affecting us:

According to NASA Report


Source: pics-about-space.com

  • Climate Change is Responsible for the 1.4 °F rise in Global Temperature and surely it is not a Big Number but it is big for those in Biodiversity who are sensitive.
  • gigatons of Land Ice is melted per year which in return rises the Sea level.
  • Hurricane , tsunamis , earthquake , floods and the irregular weather pattern is also happening due to climate change.
  • The Great Barrier reef in Australia is also affected due to climate change , where Coral reefs are dying due to bleaching .
  • Global Warming is also happening due to Climate change.

The main cause of this climate change is rise of green house gases in the atmosphere and these green house gases force to change the fix composition of air. Many celebrities and athletes are making humans aware about climate change and forcing them to take steps to prevent climate change from getting worse. Climate change is happening and we cannot change the fact but so far what have we done to prevent Climate change from getting worse? Here are some steps taken by Humans to prevent Climate change from affecting us more.

Roles of NASA

Source: inhabitat.com

  • While NASA’s role is not to create climate policy or prescribe particular change ,but as a world leader in climate studies , has proposed a way to reduce or prevent climate change that are Mitigation(reduction of heat trapping green house gases) and adaptation (to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances)
  • Mitigation is when the sources of these heat trapping green house gases are reduced For Example the burning of coal for the use of electricity etc and fossil fuels.
  • Adaptation which is to quickly adapt to changing circumstances caused by climate change to overcome the expected future issues which are Sea level rise , Food insecurity.

While Climate change is a global issue and it is felt on a local scale. The Cities and the Municipalities are on the front line to adaptation. Due to the lack of interest of Humans in global issues , this keeps on getting worse

Proposed Solution


Source: www.youtube.com

Only thing which can stop climate change is to plant trees as much as we can , which in return will inhale Carbon from the air and release oxygen which is definitely our need.

Bhutan’s Royal Family Planted about 1 lac trees on the birth of their son and it is the only country in the world which is Carbon Negative which mean the trees there are absorbing more carbon dioxide then it is present in the atmosphere.

So the Climate change is real , it is happening and we have to take necessary measures to ensure our Healthy Future Generations.


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