You Will Not Be #ForeverAlone On This Valentine’s As Taher Shah Is Releasing His V-Day Special Song For You!

The mankind angel and the eye-to-eye sensation, Pakistanis do admire the confidence and dedication Taher Shah has towards music. Each time Taher Shah releases a song, it instantly goes viral. From his attire to the lyrics in his songs, Taher Shah sure knows how to make his newest creations a hit on social media.

Since the release of Mankind Angel, Taher Shah appeared in Pakistan’s first online film Oye Kuch Kar Guzar as a guest celebrity.

The singer spoke some extremely ‘touching’ poetry that made quite an impression.

Just recently, Shah announced a gift for his worldwide fans that will come out on 14th February i.e., on the Valentine’s Day.

As soon as the tweet was made, Pakistanis started tweeting on the news:

It Kinda Hurts Now…

This Guy Even Predicted The Lyrics


That’s One Way To See This News

No Problem…

Aside from this, Pakistanis even mentioned how Taher Shah would’ve been a better fit/performer for PSL’s opening ceremony.

Obviously Cuz’ He’s An Angel


This Guy Has A Point LOL

Sincere Fans And Love

More than anything else, I for one is now looking forward to his V-day special song.


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