7 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day While Keeping Things HALAL

halal valentine's day

Ahh, the day of love is here again and we’re still not sure what we want. Valentine’s Day 2020 has already begun and the shenanigans are meant to be unreal. However, living in a country like Pakistan, you sure need to know how to keep Valentine’s Day halal.

Thus, we’ve got just what you need. We’re pretty sure you DID NOT follow the Valentine Week List 2020 as well.

1. Send dudes instead of nudes

valentine's day 2020

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This Valentine’s Day 2020, think out of the box. Send dudes instead of nudes. If you’re so in love and keen on pursuing your relationship. send dudes from your side to their house. Why? To ask for their rishta. Make things halal forever.

2. Love is for everybody

Valentine's Day 2020 family

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Remember, love isn’t just confined to a relationship between two people. Spend Valentine’s Day 2020 with your family, loved ones near you. It could be your friends too. Cause hey, love is for everybody.

3. if you’re on a date, mind the distance

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If you’re going on a date with your significant other, try not to be too chipkoo, you know? Mind the gap, the distance – so people do not get anything to object in the first place. Keep it halal, keep it distant.

4. HUM TV & Chill on Valentine’s Day 2020

valentine's day 2020

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Say no to Netflix and Chill, this Valentine’s Day, we HUM TV and Chill like a family. Switch on a traditional drama and see the saas-bahu fights – that will surely turn you off enough to not try Netflixing and Chilling.

5. Pray for your loved one

Valentine's Day 2020

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Instead of getting them chocolates, roses and gifts – send duas for them. You can take out ample time and pray for them on Valentine’s Day 2020. Things will really, really get halal this way.

6. Send your significant other halal gifts

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If you really want to show admiration and gift them something, try to avoid roses or generally red items. Keep it halal, send them a box of mithai instead of chocolates. Instead of a their favorite shirt, send them a dupatta. You can also go through our list of unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

7. Even if you are keeping things not-so-halal, do not show it

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Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Valentine’s Day 2020 does not require you to do all the things stated above. We’re just trying to bless you with halal options. So, if you really didn’t like any of the options, you can continue your non-halal Valentine’s Day. But remember, don’t tell anyone! SHHHHHHH!

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