Sweet Tooth Igloo In Hunza Is Becoming Pakistani Couple’s Choice For Honeymoon And Kia Jagah Hai Yaar!

Sweet Tooth Igloo In Hunza

It’s definitely not something hidden from the world that Pakistan is one of the best tourist attraction on earth. The exotic locations, lush green scenery, and the mountainous regions, this country has it all. Once you decide to explore through Pakistan’s northern areas, there’s no coming back as the beauty and extreme nature will serenade you for more.

Sweet Tooth Igloo Changing The Honeymoon Game For Pakistanis!

Normally, Pakistanis decide to go abroad for their honeymoon after marriage, most probably Switzerland, the ultimate honeymoon destination. But have you ever heard of Gilgit Baltistan and the beauty it holds in it? Well, this restaurant in the region’s mountainous valley Hunza is forcing Pakistanis to rethink over their honeymoon choices.

Located at Zero Point of Karimabad, Hunza, Sweet Tooth restaurant is becoming the ultimate honeymoon sight for Pakistani couples. The restaurant provides a room shaped as Igloo with the breathtaking view of Attabad Lake, such beauty in one place. Just imagine yourself having breakfast with your better half in the Igloo while having a sight of the most pleasing Attabad Lake.

Igloo, nashta, tum, main aur Attabad Lake. Kaisa laga?


This spot is definitely changing the game for married couples and their traveling decisions. Sweet Tooth Igloo is getting viral on social media and Pakistanis are going crazy over it. It is said that the hotel is charging Rs.16000 per night for it and people are thinking that it is worth it. The ambiance it provides and the adrenaline rush at this point get way much high.

Here’s The Beautifully Structured Igloo. Sigh!


Oh My God! Why have this not gathered any attention before?


Bed with a view!

International Islamic University Islamabad/Facebook

Because chocolate fits everywhere!

Sweettooth Hunza/Facebook

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For all the unmarried people out there, sorry and for all those who are going to get married soon, start packing your bags. These days foreigners are already visiting Pakistan to witness the beauty it has to offer. This country is truly blessed with amazing scenery and breathtaking locations.

What do you think of the place? Tell us your favorite traveling spots in the comments below!

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