9 Crazy Things Every Couple Is Bound to Experience While On a Honeymoon

Ladies and Gentleman, this is not your average honeymoon article. We are going to discuss a typical experience that revolves around exploring places, taking millions of pictures and of course, spending some real personal time with your significant other.

Without a doubt, a honeymoon experience changes you for the good. Not only it’s a chance to garner extraordinary experiences with your partner, you tend to draw closer as a couple. After all, two people end up in a whole land of strangers where possibilities are matchless. So, let us present you some really typical things couples are bound to experience on their honeymoon!

1. First and foremost, you dread the possibility of a family member joining you and invading your privacy

The apparent question that crosses everyone’s mind: ghar walay saath tou nahi jayein ge?

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2. The notorious case of packing

Perhaps you’re a hot mess and they are a well-organized person. They would definitely cringe over the messy way you pack your bags. You would even argue about making the best use of your fancy suitcases. You may even show them how well you have packed like your laptop charger isn’t folded in clothes but in the right space. You can pick the best bags at International House of Luggage, suiting your style and convenience.

3. You’re a morning person and they are a night owl

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You’re asleep and they are binge-watching Netflix. You are excited about a morning breakfast and they’re dead asleep. Sed life, bro.

4. For some people, it’s really awkward to share personal space; even sharing luggage!

Don’t like sharing? Simply pick a bag of your choice; you can find an array of choices at Travel Pro, like this one:

5. Your food choices could clash and either of you may have to compromise

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6. Sometimes things do not go as planned

Flight delays are a great possibility. Plus, either of you could fall sick, having to stick on the bed. Such a buzzkill, right?

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7. Friends/family back at home ask for minute-by-minute updates, especially pictures

Do them a favor, go Facebook Live (pun intended).

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8. People message and call you and ask highly inappropriate questions

Details tou batao

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9. Taking empty suitcases with you because they are definitely going to return full of gifts and presents for the entire family

In this case, Travel Pro backs you up. Suitcases like this, you’ll be urged to take as many things with you.

Tell us about your honeymoon experience, guys!

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