Sindh Govt Establishes World’s Largest Coronavirus Care & Cure Emergency Center

CM Murad ALi Shah

The world, amidst the grip of Novel Covid-19 Coronavirus, seems to have lost the plot. An outbreak that has forced the world to bend its knees and pray to the Almighty.

During the course of these troubled times, Pakistan unexpectedly has done wonders. The WHO ranked Pakistan as one of the best fighters of Coronavirus around the world. A huge chunk of that credit goes to the Sindh govt, mainly Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

In the most unexpected news, Sindh Govt has now established the world’s largest Coronavirus care and cure emergency center in Sukkur. Previously, China had created a 1000 bed hospital in 10 days, which was the biggest such facility.

As learned, the Sindh Govt has allocated a 2000 bed block of flats in Labour Colony Sukkur for the cause. While the total number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan touches almost 100, the Sindh govt has exponentially stood up to the cause. The way the govt from the initial stages has battled this outbreak is nothing short of commendable.

Since the news broke out on social media, people have been all praise for the Sindh govt and CM Murad Ali Shah in particular. Currently, the whole world suffers from the Coronavirus outbreak. The worst-hit countries include China, Iran, Italy, and Spain.

While the Sindh Govt continues to stretch its arms wide, the other three provinces do not have matters in control. Punjab only recently registered the Novel Covid-19 an emergency in the province. KPK, while battling Coronavirus, is also battling increasing cases of polio.

On the other hand, Balochistan seems to be the worst-hit province as of yet. The numbers are suspected to be more than the official count and the facilities are downright poor. Pilgrims from Iran have been entering the province and the check-and-balance measures at Taftan are subpar.

This 2000 bed facility of Coronavirus care and cure emergency center is a move in the right direction. It also shows the farsightedness and the grip of PPP over such matters. We pray that the facility remains empty, in a bid and hope that the Coronavirus is controlled in time.

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