Here's How You Can Earn up to 50k Without Beating Yourself to Work for Hours

Here’s How You Can Earn up to 50k Without Beating Yourself to Work for Hours

Unemployment has risen up to an appalling number. Besides, the increasing rate of inflation and cost of living has made it really difficult for a sole earner in a family to cope up. However, you can learn some simple skills and start earning good money. Of course, it’s rather difficult than it sounds or said by anyone, but there are still smart ways to go about it and earn money.

Keep in mind, anything requires a lot of patience. You cannot expect to turn into a millionaire overnight. You cannot even expect for cash inflow quickly. Besides, you generally have to compromise on rates when you are starting out. But a hands-on experience and work samples can help you really negotiate. Not to forget scams! Millions of scams await anyone like scavengers; you need a bit of research and guidance in this regard.

So, here are the best you can start making money in Pakistan…

If you excel in any subject, become an online tutor

Invest in a good cam. Use Skype. Advertise in a million simple ways which cost nothing. Get your friends on board. Get a whiteboard as well and start. It’s only when you try that you may find out if it works or not.

Copy/Content writing

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A well popular way. The digital scenario in Pakistan is pretty saturated and you can find many portals where you can use your skills and earn money. Write blogs, articles, essays, reviews and what not. In the longer run, you could give a shot to blogging and that’s a whole different story how you could monetize your blog.


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The good old way of freelancing. You always have a long way up when you’re starting out but you can make it still though.

Sell pictures

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You need to be a top-tier photographer for it. If you can take worthwhile photos and sell it to media outlets like Shutterstock and etc., you can pretty much earn a good value for money. Besides, the media is always on the look for exclusive pictures. Capture tons of useful pictures, become their primary source and earn good value. Many Pakistanis actually do that.

Affiliate Marketing

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If you happen to run a blog or a popular social media profile, get in touch with brands for promotions. Advertise, sell products and earn good commission. But you cannot clutter your profile with almost every brand. You’ve got a reputation to live up to, so be sincere with your audience and be selective.

Virtual Assistance

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This one might be hard. According to sources online, hundreds of websites, businesses pay you to read emails, sign up for trial subscriptions, surf the web, research, and conduct surveys. Websites also pay you to complete offers and that’s worth trying because they include affiliate programs with commissions to be earned and that can go as long as you can expect.

Social media influencer

Source: Social Media Ad Genius Blog

If you have a very loud mouth on Twitter or post a ton pictures on Instagram and amass a massive number of followers, then influencer marketing can hook you up. Again, be sincere to your followers and don’t clutter your profile with every kind of promotion. Micro-blogging is on a roll in Pakistan and if you have a healthy social media presence, you can try too.

Just be sincere in any kind of work you pursue. Don’t expect everything to work for you. You can be smart about every option as long as you have comprehensive knowledge on the subject. Good luck!

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