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4 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram – Start Earning Now!

Make Money on Instagram

You might have a decent following on Instagram and often think to yourself: can I really make this a platform to earn bucks regularly!? Well, you’re correct. You can make money on Instagram if you set your mind to it.

Firstly before diving deep, you need to have a niche and a business that can attract many people (food, lifestyle, fashion, etc). Having numerous followers is a plus as that can help you reach many people so promotions and stuff become easy as well.

Don’t worry though, through dedication you can always tap into anyone’s mind.

Make money on Instagram quick start guide – What Are Your Options?

No matter what social media platform it might be, earning money isn’t an easy feat. It is something all of us dream of but working for it is the real deal. Take a look at this ‘how to make money on Instagram quick start guide’ to familiarize yourself with the options you have for earning money on this platform:

Get Sponsors:

In this step, you can use your fame and position as an influencer to lure brands towards your account. According to your niche, brands will give you their products for promotion and you can earn money per post from that.

Most of the time, brands tend to look for people with at least a thousand followers or else there’s no reason for them to sponsor. Brands want exposure and that can only happen if the Instagram account promoting it actually has enough followers to be relevant.

If you have 10k or about 100k followers, your sponsored post carries more value and you can easily earn thousands of dollars. All you’d have to do is wear clothing or try out some pills on your Instagram story or Live.

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You can always make money on Instagram as an Instagram influencer through sponsored content. However, you need to know your audience well. You can’t just do a promotion with every other brand. Influencers need to look into the background of the brand as well as the purpose of the product.

Moreover, a lot of times, Instagram influencers have faced backlash for promoting fitness teas that are problematic, cause health issues, and encourage young girls to lose weight to look pretty.

How can you find sponsors yourself?

If you’re a top influencer then you wouldn’t have to fear potentially reaching out to brands. You can easily get brands to ask you to promote as you already have the platform. But it is equally important to discover brands on your own.

Most of the time these brands have their business email in their bios. Contact them through that. Mention your amount of followers and engagement rate.

Brands will only sponsor you if they know that you have engaging followers. However, you can also tag brands in your posts. Once they get tagged, they can review your page and see if it fits their likening or not.

Sell Your Services:

Once you have a prominent platform, you can easily sell anything. Instagram is famous for posting pictures so it is always about the visuals. If you’re interested in drawing, painting, photography, animations, etc then you can utilize your abilities to earn an income!

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Your posts should be in accordance with your account to create a theme that you can stick by. Grow your audience even more and start selling your niche!

Use editing and airbrushing tools to refine your pictures (if you choose to do photography) so they look appealing. There are many accounts that sell portraits or animated videos, this, to the point that they have made a separate account on Patreon which is promoted on their Instagram to boost sales.

Set Your Own Shop:

Are there any skills through which you can make products and sell them? How about t-shirts or accessories? A lot of Instagram influencers once they have a proper platform, set up their own shops.

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You can sell products that you make yourself or dropship. This is the easiest and the most frequent method people opt for to earn money on Instagram. This is can be a convenient option for small shops but if you want to start a greater business then there are some elements like warehousing, investment, etc that you need to be careful of.

Moreover, Instagram is becoming a popular social media tool as it is easy to use and can help reach your potential audience only through hashtags. Here are some general ideas to keep in mind once starting your own shop.

Affiliate Program:

This is different from being an influencer. People tend to get confused between the two. When you become an affiliate you are earning money according to the sales that you make, while influencers use their platform to promote the product and earn money accordingly.

Source: Smart business trends

Affiliate programs are a hit even in the blogging world. They make up a good portion of the money that blogs earn aside from ads.

When you start working as an affiliate, Instagram gives you a link or a code. Once someone purchases the product, you get the commission.

This method of earning is easy only if you have a large following otherwise it can be a handful. You will need to create enticing posts to draw your audience in. it is a popular way of earning money and definitely as a future in the world of online work. You can find a range of affiliate programs here.

Remember that Instagram doesn’t only see the follower count. Your followers need to be interactive and relevant to your page! Buying followers is never going to help because this cannot last in the long run. If you want to become an affiliate, influencer, or start your own shop on Instagram then you would have to be sincere.

Focus on building your audience by using the right tags and posts. If you’re worried that you are not gaining followers quickly then engage with bigger accounts regularly! Through that, you seem active and people follow you.

Comment below if you want to start earning through Instagram and how you plan to do so?

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