The Secret To Mehwish Hayat & Nadia Khan’s Perfect Skin Has Finally Been Revealed!

We are all constantly looking for new ways to make our skin look bright and fresh and how often do we find it?And let’s not forget the admiration (read: jealousy) we have with the GORGEOUS celebrities that tend to have flawless skin!

I mean, HOW? How do they always look so adorable all the time?

I recently went to an event where I saw Mehwish Hayat and Nadia Khan in flesh from a far. But even though none of them was wearing too much makeup, I could still see their skin being flawless!

I took it personally to dig out their secret and I think I finally have!

Pakistan recently embraced a startup which has popped open a flurry of Medical Aesthetic clinic run by qualified Dermatologist nationwide known as 3D lifestyle. It was there where both these Red Carpet Mega Stars opted in for their Red Carpet Collagen Facial which is more of a treatment than a facial.


Now these celebrities opt for this treatment because it helps their skin be treated with the right tools. Removing open pores is one of the major problems that this treatment has the solution to. It also helps keep the skin tight and fresh for a long time!

So, I now know how Mehwish and Nadia got to look so flawless even without makeup when I saw them!


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