Sania Mirza Slams This “Bollywood Gandu” Who Claims Alia Bhatt’s Newest Film Is about Her

Meet Bollywood Gandu – seriously guys, we are not calling him that; it’s just his Twitter handle

Source: Twitter

Yup, he is one of a kind…

Source: Justdial

Bollywood Gandu’s – oh, I mean, Karan Talwar – Twitter is full of hate-mongering and inciting offence, especially on us

Here’s a good example!

But the Bollywood Gandu doesn’t spare even his own…

Anyway, this is where he made a claim about Alia Bhatt’s movie “Raazi” being a biopic of Sania Mirza

Matlab, kia yaaar? This guy seems to have a habit of poking his nose in other people’s business, like a lot. His anti-Pakistani humor and tweets have taken a toll on people now.

And Sania Mirza wasn’t having it at all. She saw his tweet and was quick to react to it. Sania Mirza turned down his outrageous claim and we are applauding for her.

There she goes!

10000 points for Gryffindor. That’s such a decent reply. She did not lose her cool and neither stooped down to his level. Instead, she casually expressed her disapproval and now Twitter is into a meltdown.

Well, Bollywood Gandu, you have got your answer now.

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