7 Quirky Facts ONLY and ONLY a Telenor Customer Can Relate To

This age of social media can become brutal and tricky for brands who don’t take customer service seriously. Customers don’t shy away from sharing their experiences with the world, both good and bad. Negative feedback, if not taken seriously can reflect very badly upon a brand. However, this has never been an issue for Telenor Pakistan since they take customer service very seriously. Acknowledging their active social listening, in June 2017, Telenor was awarded the No. 1 Socially Devoted Brand.

With that being said, here are the facts only Telenor customers can relate to…

1. Telenor customers never whine about poor customer services

Telenor customers love how the service representatives never shy away from lending an ear to their problems and resolve the issue in just a matter of minutes. Their contact service quality has further elevated; from 75% in July, 2o17 to 99% in December 2017.

2. They never have to worry about incorrect billing, hidden charges, incorrect offer activation, etc.

Telenor customers never have bitter experience in terms of incorrect billing, call blocking, etc. Additionally, Telenor makes timely fixes which has decreased complaints and helpline call volume by a staggering 50%!

Telenor Hears You | Customer Solution

Here's a shout-out to Aizaz Khan who shared his feedback with us! #TelenorHearsYou and believes in making your lives more convenient by continuously improving our practices. The Self-Service Booth is just another example of that!

Posted by Telenor Pakistan on Wednesday, April 11, 2018

3. *710# – a code that has made life easier more than you could have imagined

Telenor has empowered their customer to manage their account simply with the help of this code. This code allows customers to get their PIN/PUK code, check account details, package details, block & unblock their sim and many other important options; thus, making these routine tasks easy to do.

4. You would rarely hear their customers complaining about Telenor and there’s a legit reason why

One example – they have incorporated new guidelines of “Internet Error and Settings”, which has allowed call-center representatives to provide on-call solutions to customers. Usually, customers have to rely on APN settings in order to use the Internet.

However, Telenor’s first-of-its-kind system has led to 93% reduction in complaints and 40% increase in solutions being provided during the call.

Telenor Hears You | Customer Solution

We are always listening to you and work tirelessly day and night to meet your expectations. Keep sharing your valuable feedback because #TelenorHearsYou and cares for you.

Posted by Telenor Pakistan on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Telenor takes feedback seriously and provides solution instantaneously. For Example: There was a recurring customer pain point of being charged a hefty pay as you go amount on internet consumption if their bundle was exhausted before the validity of the bundle. Consequently, Telenor heard its customer and brought a solution where Rs. 1 per MB is charged for additional MB consumption till the validity of the bundle. Now isn’t that impressive?

5. There’s no such thing as a “disgruntled Telenor customer”

Nope. That one is rare.

6. Every time customers talk to a call-center representative they end the call with a smile

That’s because of the sheer professionalism of call center agents who are always looking to go the extra mile in fixing problems for Telenor customers. For instance, they can compensate without a second thought in case wrong balance is charged to a customer.

7. Telenor always have some of the incredibly useful offers on the table for their customers

In addition to #710 code, Telenor has also introduced #656 is for song search to add music to your life and making it more colourful.

Tell us how has Telenor made your life easier? 🙂

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