After Dropping ‘Petrol Bomb’ On Awaam, PTI Govt Tries To Justify Step On Social Media

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Pakistan is going through the vicious cycle of several crises; the petroleum crisis is one of them. Recently, the government of Pakistan has raised the prices of petrol, diesel, and kerosene. Following which the Pakistanis are protesting heavily.

Earlier, there was a shortage of petroleum across the county. Consequently, PM Imran Khan ordered an inquiry on the crisis.

Instead of culminating the inquiry, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government aggrandized the prices of oil. The price of (motor spirit) petrol soared to Rs25.58 to Rs100.10 per liter from Rs74.52. As per a press release of the Finance Division, this is an addition of 25.6 percent.

Moreover, the price of high-speed diesel (HSD) soared to Rs101.46 per liter from Rs80.15, a rise of Rs21.31. Furthermore, the price of kerosene oil (SKO) raise to Rs59.06 from Rs35.56., an increase of Rs23.50.

In addition, the rate of light diesel oil (LDO) raised to Rs55.98 from Rs38.14, an increase of Rs17.84.

As per the government, the global price hike spurred the increase in oil prices. Zulfi Bukhari says, Pakistan has the lowest fuel prices in the region.

Masses disagree!

People across Pakistan are protesting against the prices hike. Many are claiming that the oil in the international market is much cheaper but the government has raised the prices. According to the journalist, Ali Moeen Nawazish, it is the rise in tax.

  • – Base price Rs 45.86 per liter
  • – Taxation increased by 9.11% to Rs 44.55 per liter
  • – Retailer Margin & Freight cost unchanged
  • Total tax percentage: 44.5%

Here’s how people on social media reacting the rise in prices of oil.

In conclusion, a variation in oil prices globally is not the only reason for rising petrol prices. The government has imposed heavy taxes on fuel.

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