Lies Caught! Indian Media Showing Fake Videos Of Galwan Valley & Fooling The World

Indian Media

It is a fact that the Indian media stands on the shoulders of a bunch of liers. Moreover, Indian media is a master of portraying lies in a quite adroit way. Recently, Indian media is lying about the skirmishes in Ladakh. A guy, reportedly a resident of Ladakh showcases the true picture on Indian media.

The guy made a video form his cell phone and showing the crew of Indian media around Ladakh. As per the guy, Indian media is showing the mountains of Leh city, and calling them Galwan valley. The guy says Galwan valley is around 218 kilometers away from Leh city.

Furthermore, the young man tells that it is forbidden to go beyond Leh city. Moreover, he tells Indian media is making a false claim of reporting from Ground Zero.

He adds that everyone knows about the Chinese intrusion in the are yet PM Modi is lying to the Indian nation.

India VS China

India vs China is trending on social media for the past few months. The saga started when a video showcased the verbal fight between the two sides. Reports claim China has brought Indian on knees and gain control of around 60 percent of the are.

Besides, China has apprehended several soldiers of India and killed many including a colonel. The India PM remains reticent on the issue. Although he called a few meetings, it achieved nothing. People in India are protesting against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) backed Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) party and Narendra Modi.

In short, Indian is humiliated and cannot get back, the areas that China got during the last few weeks.

Here’s how people on social media are reacting on the video:

In conclusion, the Indian media is now exposed. However, they will never admit their fault and will stick to their pseudo stance.

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