5 Resolutions Pakistanis Make Every Year On August 14 But Never Follow

5 Resolutions We All Make On 14th August But Never Follow

On August 14, 2020, we will be celebrating 73 years of independence. On Friday, there will be homes, markets, and neighborhoods decorated with white and green flags. From official ceremonies, TV shows with patriotic themes, and fireworks to parades, there will be all sorts of colorful celebrations across Pakistan. Every year on this day, we make a number of promises and resolutions to our great homeland on 14 August.

However, all the outpouring love for the country stays limited to this one day only. Regardless, of making resolutions, we tend to never follow them.

Here’s a list of resolutions we make on August 14 but never follow!

1) I will not waste water

5 Resolutions We All Make On 14th August But Never Follow

Source: Science Alert

With a massive water crisis awaiting Pakistan, we need to think of water as a precious commodity. Environment experts believe that the country will suffer from extreme water shortage by 2025. As a society, we need to stop wasting water unnecessarily. Every year on 14 August we promise and set up a resolution to not waste water. Regardless, we never bother to act on it. Being in a scary situation, we really need to evaluate our habits.

2) I will not waste electricity

5 Resolutions We All Make On 14th August But Never Follow

Source: Home Efficiency Guide

We all know about turning the lights, ACs, and fans off when going out from a room. However, we somehow forget to do so. This is yet another resolution that we make on Independence Day but never follow. It is indeed a sad reality that we are not careful about saving our valuable and precious resources.

3) I will not litter

5 Resolutions We All Make On 14th August But Never Follow

Source: NPR

One trait that all Pakistanis effortlessly have in common is the habit of litter. Be it our roads, parks, marketplaces or any other public areas, all present a very disappointing picture. Wherever we go, from the beautiful, pristine lakes in mountainous areas to the sandy beaches, we are prone to leave mounds of garbage behind. Every August 14, we make a pledge to not be a part of this problem. We promise to keep Pakistan clean and to save the environment. Sadly, nobody keeps their promise.

4) I will not break laws

5 Resolutions Never Follow

Source: Twitter

Huh! Why do we only seem to address this issue on this very day? Why not the rest of the year? Breaking the laws in Pakistan has been so trivialized by everyone that breaking traffic rules or parking the car in the ‘No Parking’ area are just a part of every other day. We fail to follow any rules and regulations. This is majorly sad. No matter where we are, we must make sure to always obey the rules and regulations and the resolutions.

5) I will plant trees

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Source: Pakistan Today

As Independence Day that is 14 August is just around the corner, many of us make the resolution to plant more trees. In Pakistan, the forest cover is about two percent instead of the required 25 percent. As a result, this has been causing air pollution, increased heat waves, and loss of habitat for wildlife. It is high time we stop breaking our promise to plant trees and make our environment healthy and pollution-free!

On this day, and every day of the year, we must never forget the sacrifices made, and the blood that was spilled and the countless lives laid down for the cause of an independent Pakistan. We must never forget and never let it be forgotten. As patriotic Pakistanis, we should just limit our love for the nation to one day in August only. In fact, we should fulfill all our promises and do good for our country. Let’s change for the best!


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