Raveena Tandon Regrets And Deletes Harsh Tweet About Zaira Wasim

raveena tandon about zaira wasim

Recently, Zaira Wasim, a Bollywood actress, quit the industry to focus on her religion Islam. The 18-year-old has been a rising superstar. She won the National Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Dangal while she won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actress for the film Secret Superstar. Considering her popularity and success in the entertainment industry, many have been critical about her decision to leave and retain Islam as a priority. However, the Tweet from Raveena Tandon about Zaira Khan was the last straw for a lot of people.



Zaira Wasim And Raveena Tandon Drama Coming To An End?

Tandon took to Twitter to mention that she feels sad for Wasim and the 18-year-old was probably forced to write her statement regarding her quit. “If this is true and the reason for her to quit, if she was or is under pressure, then I do feel sad for the girl. Was she forced into writing the long statement by radicals out of fear? She was a role model to so many youngsters with dreams and inspirations that they could achieve.” she said.

raveena tandon about zaira wasim

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People have been disappointed in her claims because it is someone’s personal faith and why should others jump in on what was right for her or not. Also, no one would have thought there would be disagreements between Zaira Wasim and Raveena Tandon about religion. It shows that Tandon believes if someone wishes to focus on their religion then they are controlled or their dreams are restricted. In the end, the girl made a personal choice for her own benefits.

Receiving the backlash and coming back to her senses, Tandon changes her statement and is wishing Wasim well. In a new tweet, she said, “I wish her luck and strength after seeing this, I now regret my first immediate tweet after reading her statement. Maybe she was forced to write what was unacceptable to people like me who love films, cinema, and the industry that I was born into. Deleting the tweet that now sounds harsh.”

It seems strange to people as she possesses an open and huge platform yet let such a slip-up occur. Many of the users are mentioning that she wouldn’t mention someone pressuring Wasim into religion if it weren’t for Islam.



This user words it perfectly, “Why do we think any decision made in the name of Islam is one made under pressure or force or fear.if a Hindu or a Christian had made that decision. Our reaction would have been different. Islam is a religion of free will. People should read up on it before making such statements”

There are other rumors circulating as well saying that Wasim’s account might have gotten hacked. However, Wasim herself has debunked all such claims. Well, pretty much all of the rumors have been denied. Her true purpose of quitting is to strengthen her bond with Allah. Many Muslims are cheering her for the impressive and heartfelt commitment towards the religion.

Here is Wasim’s letter that exceeds quite a few pages. She mentions her reason for quitting and her thoughts regarding her life and Islam:


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Well, is anyone there to judge whether she made the right decision or should people leave others to their own lives? Was the comment from Raveena Tandon about Zaira Wasim’s decision necessary? Share your thoughts.

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