Rakhi Sawant Raises Her Voice In Support Of Imran Khan

Rakhi Sawant supports Imran Khan

Rakhi Sawant supports Imran Khan on his arrest. Imran Khan was arrested by rangers, this news became world news that every international news outlet covered and hooked everyone.

Who thought Indian actress Rakhi Sawant would support Imran Khan and ask her Pakistani fans to stand up for their leader?

Rakhi Sawant decks up in golden outfit to watch Salman Khan's film on Eid:  I am Shah Rukh's discovery but sar pe haath Salman bhai ne rakh diya -  Times of India
Source: Times of India

Rakhi Sawant is known for her unfiltered voice that goes on point without any doubt. She has been the best source of entertainment for several people out there. She knows how to entertain her fans with her crazy ideas and acts.

Her unexpected move in which she landed her support for Imran Khan shocked everyone, especially the Pakistani audience.

Rakhi Sawant Supports Imran Khan

Rakhi Sawant spoke up for the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Taking to her TikTok account where she asked Pakistani to stand up for the Kaptaan Imran Khan in a manner that is true to her persona.

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“Raise your voice, Pakistanis – free Imran Khan,” stated an impassioned Sawant in her TikTok video. With the focus on her somber face, Sawant continued to empower Khan’s followers with unparalleled words of hope. “If this had happened in our country, all hell would have been loose.”

She further chided, “Stop wasting time on TikTok and raise your voice. Go! Rise, Pakistanis. Rise!” stated Sawant in the viral video.

As per the current update, the Supreme Court ordered to release Imran Khan immediately.

Not The First Time At All

The majority of you don’t know that it’s not the first time Rakhi Sawant showed her support for Imran Khan on the public platform. Back in 2019, Rakhi shared a clip of Imran Khan in which he released India’s pilot as a gesture of peace. “Thanks – PM from Pakistan, thanks,” wrote Sawant in the caption.

Rakhi Sawant is a phenomenal entertainer, she recently married Adil but later he cheated on her and that whole scenario became a high-profile case.

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