Supreme Court Orders To Release Imran Khan Immediately

Imran Khan Release

Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled that Imran Khan arrest was illegal and ordered his immediate release.

Imran Khan Release

Imran Khan’s arrest case was heard by a bench of three, led by the Chief Justice. Imran Khan was summoned to the rostrum by the Chief Justice during the hearing.

In the meantime, the Chief Justice stated, “We will not discuss the legality or illegality of the warrant; the manner in which you were arrested was illegal comes to the court of law,” indicating that he submits to the rule of law.

Imran Khan was told by the Supreme Court to go back to the Islamabad High Court and that the High Court should hear his case tomorrow.

In his address to Imran Khan, the Chief Justice stated that the High Court’s decision must be accepted. Imran Khan was also ordered to be freed right away by the court.

During the consultation, Central Equity likewise had a discussion with Imran Khan. Imran Khan claimed to have been kidnapped from the High Court.

I was beaten with sticks; this does not happen to criminals. After that, I was not informed of what had occurred, so I am unaware of what took place.

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