A ‘Pugam’ Will Now Decide Who Gets The First Pick In The Upcoming PSL Draft!

Pakistan and cricket have an unprecedented connection for ages now. Our passion for this sport is simply unparalleled. The whole nation literally holds its breath whenever the Pakistani team is playing on the field.

We are so embroiled in this sport that today, in almost every street of this country, there is a strong presence of cricket. Gully cricket as we call it, is a phenomenon itself. So much so that one of the most exciting formats of the game T20 cricket originated from this.


The phenomenon that is gully cricket:

Yes, we all remember the Ramazan T20 tournaments that were held even before T20 cricket went mainstream. It was happening right here in Pakistan before anyone even got the idea of it. This is the level of gully cricket in Pakistan.

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Today, T20 cricket is quite rightly one of the most followed formats in all of the cricketing world. Countries with the introduction of their own T20 leagues are now providing their people with entertaining fast-flowing cricket. And we couldn’t get enough of it.

Not only locally these leagues are watched with great anticipation all over the world. One of the most interesting leagues out there is our very own PSL (The Pakistan Super League). To make things more interesting for the upcoming edition PCB is now planning to add a few more flavors to this already interesting prospect of an event.



The planning for the next big event is already well underway. This time, the authorities are looking to incorporate the essence of the streets of Pakistan into the next edition. A new idea has been floating to use “Pugam” as the means to decide who gets the first pick in the upcoming draft. Well, now this is something unique. We cannot wait to see our favorite franchise owners such as Rana Sahab playing their luck out in a “Pugam”.

We all remember this from our childhood and how serious the stakes were. This, like many other things, surely would give PSL a Pakistani charm, because nothing gets fairer than a “Pugam”. I mean, we all do have an equal chance. Right?


There are a number of things that make PSL one of the most interesting leagues out there. From the huge array of talented individuals that are a part of it to the unique touch of all things Pakistani. Like the sherwani’s worn by the English commentators and their cheers for a “Chakka” cannot be forgotten.

Pakistan Super League has literally managed to glow among other top T20 leagues around the world. The upcoming season of the PSL is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The excitement however just keeps on building.

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