#GoneNawazGone – Prime Minister Gets Disqualified and Here’s How Pakistanis Reacted

The supreme court of Pakistan finally announced its long awaited verdict on the Panama case. It made us wait for a very long time but the decision surely was historic. The prime minister of Pakistan, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified and this has taken all the anti-PMLN Pakistanis over the moon, giving them a reason to celebrate. Whereas PMLN supporters are still showing support to PML-N. Here is how Pakistanis on the internet reacted after the verdict.

The wait was real.

The verdict was announced about half an hour late and it really left all the Pakistanis in suspense, wondering what is going to happen.

But then the decision came.

It was time and everyone seemed pretty tensed and worried with their hearts racing as they waited for the verdict.

Maryam Nawaz, load shedding update pls?

Well, it definitely seems like their light is gone forever now.

People were definitely happy.

It is no less than an Eid for the PTI supporters with them achieving what they had always wanted to. Go Nawaz Go has finally turned into reality.

Yup, the happiest man right now.

Hamza, you can definitely sit down and breathe now.

Apart from celebrations, people have demands.

Calibri the as national font? Why not?

Imran Khan.

He definitely proved that.

And PMLN people had something to say as well.

How though?


PMLN supporters are going to support their leader no matter what, which is a good thing of course.

They will always support him.

In power, in exile, or disqualified. A PMLN supporter is always going to remain loyal to the party.

So the verdict brought happiness to a lot of people in this country today who have always wanted a corruption free Pakistan and believed in justice. It also brought disappointment and discomfort to those who were standing with the current government. But whatever happened, may it be in the favor of Pakistan.

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