Bravo! A Pakistani Student Has Been Teaching His School Guard For Three Years

A Pakistani O-Level Student Has Been Teaching His School Guard For Three Years

It is truly admiring to see how kindness and good-heartedness makes one stand out and shine in the crowd. In a world of today where misery and pain have been evident in almost every aspect of life. It is these small specks of kindness that give us hope that humanity still exists.

Muhammad Ahmad – the boy with a golden heart

Muhammad Ahmad is a Pakistani O-level student studying at Beaconhouse Newlands. He managed to use his education by setting up a really good example and we are incredibly proud of him.

Apparently, Muhammad Ahmad noticed that the school gate guard Kashif Ali was a huge fan of English films and wished to learn English. Knowing this, the O-levels student wasted no time and offered his own self to teach the guard some basics himself.

Inspirationally, Kashif Ali has become quite fluent in English.

Muhammad expresses that he taught the guard Kashif Ali English, Urdu, and Maths for 3 years. The main purpose of these secret classes and learning was to provide the school guard with the basic know-how of the English language and also to make him look presentable in front of visitors that came to Beaconhouse.

More so, it was also inspiring to see how the Pakistani O-levels student, monitored and guided the guard by assessing him and also checking his overall strengths and weaknesses. Muhammad Ahmad asserts that he also made sure to keep a keen eye on the progress and performance of Kashif Ali.

Generosity and kindness is a virtue

When asked Muhammad Ahmad said that he is proud of Kashif Ali and how far he has come. Moreover, he is also proud of his own effort. He knows in his heart that what he is doing is a form of charity and he feels enlightened to be the one to have taken the initiative.

He states that “Charity, in any form, whether it may be financial, intellectual, or mental; can do wonders for the society as a whole. This is something I learned over the years from my experiences both at home and school.”

We aren’t sure, which city exactly the two live in. But wow! truly, Muhammad Ahmad, you are an inspiration of excellence and generosity melded as one. We couldn’t more proud of you. Not only did you teach us the importance of generosity and kindness; but you also managed to show us that goodness of heart can come in all ages and forms. If anything, your little actions prove that one just has to be brave, kind, and generous to make a difference.

Provided that, we see such harsh brutalities such as rape, honor killings, and so much more cruelty, it is a kind and generous soul like yours is what makes us feel humane again.

May Allah bless you with His countless blessings.

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